Jail Break X 2 ~Monday Mischief

This week Gambler was on a roll, a whole lot of mischief was being had.

First Grandma stopped over to visit so instead of the dogs knocking into her I snuck outside to talk to her leaving all three dogs in the house alone. I was chatting with her in the driveway that is about 25 yards away from the house. We were chatting then all of a sudden I heard the Gambler rip! I ran as I was telling grandma I had to get in the house as Gambler was wrecking something. When I came in this is what I saw.

It was a package I had re packaged twice because the postal service sent it back to me wrecked and now it was wrecked again. I should of learned my lesson as a couple of weeks ago the same damn think happened.

Hopefully one day soon I will learn.

Second there was a jail break, not only once but twice in the same day. Gambler of course still needs to be crated when I leave the house, if you wonder why just look up. I locked him in his crate, left and came back to him greeting me at the door. WTF? He managed to get the lower latch undone and squeezed his skinny body out a 3 inch opening bending the heck out of the crate.

Glory is wondering why he is such a knob and can’t just stay in his crate.

Some how he managed to pull that red sweatshirt into the crate and rip it up.

While out and about he kicked the closet door open and pulled out my boot and jackets.

I thought Gambler was playing favorite and only bringing out my clothes but then I seen he ripped up Johns sweatshirt and hauled out his pants and other sweatshirt too.

Third was the mischievous of them all! Since the weather is nice now I leave the front door open so the dogs can come and go as they please. I was cleaning the house and here comes Gambler with something in his mouth, he spits it out on the pet bed and this little bugger goes hopping off.

He found a baby bunny and decided he wanted to show it to me. The bunny seemed fine as it was hopping all over so I took it back outside and put it in the line fence where I see the big bunnies. It wasn’t in the spot I set it a hour later so hopefully it just hopped off and didn’t hop off to die.

It was a full week of mischief for sure. Never a dull moment with Gambler in the house.

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “Jail Break X 2 ~Monday Mischief

  1. well…. seems they communicate via telepathy and had an agreement to shred packages :o( it’s amazing that we have an ear for the special wrecking noises LOL
    OMG he brought a bunny? I hope it made it back to his pack and is safe and sound… Easy brought a young blackbird in the kitchen last year, it was as good as new and flew through the whole house like a missile…. I needed hours to remove the bombs …
    I hope the wrecking look is up to date soon, so I’m totally in fashion with my shredded clothes :o)


  2. Oh my, that is one busy boy~A friend of ours used to have a Chocolate Lab that did the same kind of things. Ohhhh the messes he made little mischief seekers they are!!


  3. Another escapee in the house eh? My mom said that after 10 dogs the kennel was still in new condition, until I came along. But the other 2 dogs get to sleep in the living room when the family goes out and I just need to be with them. And when else will I have time to lick paint off the walls? – Morris the foster dog.


  4. OMD OMD GAMBLER….. YOU are the G-MAN fur SURE…. we are in AWE of your Skills and Talents and can’t EVEN begin to think about that BUNNY you Bagged… Sorry your mom set it free… it would have made a GRRRRREAT furend fur you…


  5. It just is so hard for me to picture Gambler getting into so much mischief! He is such a businessman out in the fields. He sits and looks at you when y’all whistle so how can he be a “knob?’ ROFL!


  6. Oh my gosh! Why is it boys are such mischievous buggers? Hope the bunny survived and lived to hop another day. Good luck reinforcing the crate; maybe he watched Sly Stallone in Escape Plan and got some prison escape pointers. 😉


  7. Hi Y’all!

    Y’all know, especially you Mr. G, that you have forever ruined my Human’s idea that we Chessies are obedient 99.5 percent if the time, even as pups.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  8. Oh boy Gambler that I think this is the biggest mischief yet. Freighter is our escape artist. I think part of it is because the crates these days are made so darn cheap and they can do it. Luckily Freighter just hangs out when he escapes.


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