Technical Blind And A Birthday

When we were at the American Chesapeake Club Minnesota Chessie Day training last weekend the advance dogs could run the technical blind they had set up. A blind is where the dog doesn’t see where the bumper or duck is placed and the handler has to handle the dog to the blind using a whistle and hand signals. The dog needs to stay on as straight as line as possible and it needs to take the correct casts when given a hand signal.

Gambler was the only one to run this blind and you can tell from all the photos he had a hard time with it. After finding out this week that Glory came into heat I now know why his mind wasn’t on his blind. John stuck with it and got it done but it sure wasn’t pretty, and that’s why it’s called training.

John and Gambler walking to the holding blind.

Waiting in the holding blind.

Follow the black line from Gambler to the tree across the way. This is the path he should take.

Gamblers initial line was off, he went to the right instead of going straight.

John let him get out of the water and then signaled him to go left and get in that second pond.

Stopped him to give him a cast.

Left hand cast to get into the water.

Taking the cast and getting into the water.

On the right track.

Got off track and was too far to the left, had to cast to the right to get back in water.

Get in the water.

Was drifting off to the right so John stopped him and gave him a left hand back.

After that cast Gambler started to swim back to John, he was panicking, so John ran out there by him to get him to stay in the water and finish the blind.

Took his cast and got to land.

Gambler was to the left of the blind (tree with white ribbon) so John casted him to the right.

Bingo finally got to the blind.

John had Gambler sit and stay until he got back to the original starting point so Gambler would take the correct line back.

Coming back on the correct line.

Back into the second pond.

John guiding Gambler into the first pond.

He made it! Boy was that a tough blind!

John stuck with it, Gambler stuck with it and they finished it. Gambler definitely needs more of these types of blinds so he can be proficient in it.

Now your probably wondering who is having a Birthday?????

Marsh Kitty – MK is having her 2nd Birthday. She had a one kitty party complete with a can of tuna.

Let me help myself!


Last but not least it is #NationalPurebredDogDay so I need to thank the AKC for recognizing the Chesapeake Bay Retriever so long ago as a purebred dog. Without that I wouldn’t have the breed that stole my heart.


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33 thoughts on “Technical Blind And A Birthday

  1. I was on the edge of my basket and followed the g-man on his way, that was a hard thingy…
    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday MK, enjoy this fabulous tuna and have a super day!!!
    And happy National Purebred Dog Day to the three brown dogs, maybe you can celebrate with tuna too?


  2. Happy birthday sweetie even if you did get a face full of doggie slobber haaahhaah..and poor Gambler..he sure was distracted..but practice makes perfect 🙂 gorgeous pics…all of them 🙂 Hugs Bev xxx


  3. Happy Birthday, MK, especially from my cat bro Bert! I guess for training, Glory makes an excellent distraction to be worked through right now. Not the most fun, but good for training.


  4. Wow hard blind and excellent training. Good job John hanging in there and G-man too. 🙂 We don’t have water like that here. I’d love to watch Freighter hack that one up. 🙂 Happy birthday MK!


  5. Of course, I have to start with a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY from one MK to another MK! I love watching your dogs practice. It is so impressive to me. I did breed Madison and she had the two pups. I fell in love with them and couldn’t sell them LOL! We decided that I wasn’t very good at it. Now, I know I’d never be able to sell a Basset Hound puppy! Madison was pregnant at the same time as I was and she sure had it much faster and easier! Hahaha!


  6. First A Big Happy Birthday to MK, your birthday photos are great. A can of tuna was a very nice gift. G-mans training, oh my I am always amazed at the amount of training that goes into this, and it is evident that these dogs truly enjoy it!


  7. Way to go on an intense training session! What a great way of burning energy & getting a mental workout, too 🙂
    Happy Birthday, MK ~ mmmh, that can of tuna looks like the perfect kitty birthday gift 😉


  8. That was a tough one for Gambler, but great that they got it done!
    Happy Birthday to MK! It looks like she had some fun even if she doesn’t like parties…and no cat would complain about a can of tuna, that’s for sure!


  9. A finish is a finish and one building block toward full proficiency. Thanks for explaining the whole process. I’m in awe that he did as well as he did. Sam would have gone to investigate the geese, and the leaves, and the grass and definitely walk completely around the ponds (despite his breed being a water fowl dog, he hates water. BOL
    ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪ MK. Looks like you had a great celebration!


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