What’s In Nellie’s Belly~Mischief Monday

Today Nellie is causing the mischief. Since January she’s been causing a mystery with what might or might not be in her belly. You can read about Nellie’s Senior Wellness series here. I talked about how I thought she had something (lump) in belly. The doctors at work palpated her abdomen and couldn’t palpate anything. We took radiographs of her abdomen and they were inclusive. Now I know Nellie is 10# overweight but I just don’t feel this is excess weight. Last week she had some GI upset from eating a bunch of gak outside and that is when I saw the alien (lump) in her belly. So off to work we went again. This time when the doctors palpated her abdomen they couldn’t say “yes we feel something obvious” but all three doctors said she “felt full” that they couldn’t pin point what might be going on but something was off. Off to radiology again for more xrays of her abdomen. This time one doctor said everything looked fine, the other doctor thought she could see something. I also think Nellie has been panting and drinking more weather this has anything to go along with what is going on is beyond me.

Mom, your a hypochondriac quit looking at my belly there is nothing wrong with me!

What are we going to do now? Well…..as you are reading this Nellie is having a abdominal ultrasound done. We have another clients dog that needed a ultrasound so we booked a board certified internal medicine doctor to come to the clinic and preform these two ultrasounds. Besides opening Nellie up and doing surgery to get a look at what might be going on inside of her this is the next best way which isn’t so invasive and needing her to recover from a surgery. Not to say once we have the results of the ultrasound that she won’t need surgery but at least we will have a report and know what might be going on.

  1. ultrasound

    • n.noun
      1. Ultrasonic sound.

      2. The use of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, specifically to image an internal body structure, monitor a developing fetus, or generate localized deep heat to the tissues.

      3. An image produced by ultrasound.

The only time(s) Nellie has had a ultrasound was to diagnosis her past three pregnancy’s. That was for something fun, this time not so fun unless there is nothing wrong then it was a little tummy massage.

A fun ultrasound, looking for puppies.

I will let you know what the results of the ultrasound are. At her age 10.5 years this is a good thing to do, just to make sure nothing is wrong with her.

monday mischief

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24 thoughts on “What’s In Nellie’s Belly~Mischief Monday

  1. Oh dear, I sure hope Nellie is okay and that there is nothing serious in her belly. How odd that the doctors all give you a different answer upon palpation. The ultrasound sounds like your best chance of finding whatever is in there, if anything!


  2. Praying it’s a clear ultrasound. Check, double check, and triple check her spleen. You know what we just went through. Khia had recently put on 8 lbs (since February 13), was panting, and was drinking A LOT! Then she was throwing up. Trust your gut and don’t let anyone convince you it’s something else. I don’t mean to make you panic but I let other people convince me she was depressed because of Mya, that it was a fatty tumor, that it was her hips/knees. If your intuition says something’s off, follow it and don’t give up until you’re satisfied you’ve explored all areas.


  3. The entire time I was reading I was hoping you were going to tell me puppies (forever the optimist) but whatever it is, my prayers are that it’s nothing serious, and she’ll be fine. Try not to worry and know we care.


  4. We will keep Nellie on our thoughts as i go to bed..i am hoping she is just being Nellie the mysterious! it isbest to check…any change to pets especially seniors (sorry Nellie:) ) warrants fruther checking.goodluck sweets hugs BEV XXX


  5. We are hoping that they don’t find anything troublesome! Bentley had an ultrasound last month when his liver enzymes came back elevated. It was all good and now we are sending positive vibes your way!


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