Great News~Nellie’s Ultrasound

Nellie had her ultrasound today because I thought I was seeing something in her abdomen.

The doctor doing a physical exam on Nellie.

I’m starving where’s my food?

Is there food in here?

Mom’s mean, I didn’t get breakfast.

Time for the ultrasound, they even shaved my belly!

Is that my spleen on the screen?

Mom you worry too much, see I’m fine!

I am happy to report the doctor didn’t see anything of any significance on the ultrasound. All her internal organs were just fine and no tumors or anything else found. She did see a couple small nodules on her spleen but the size is of no concern right now. So my mind must be playing tricks on me and all that it was is her fat reserves. I’m actually calling it beaveritis as this happens after she goes and finds the carcass pile and eats herself full. So relieve knowing Nellie is fine. No more feeling sorry for herself and  time to exercise and get that weight off so I stop seeing things.

36 thoughts on “Great News~Nellie’s Ultrasound

  1. Oh, I’m glad I didn’t get to do my reading until later today, so I could see the good news and didn’t have to worry about the possible bad! That’s awesome. You’re a good Mom for worrying about her and having it checked out.


  2. hahaha now you have a nekked belly like me… you are a honorable Weimaraner now :o) Great there was nothing to see and I hope all dark clouds are gone… and you get a late breakfast :o)


  3. Whew, always good news when what mom thinks is the worst turns out all is well. It never ceases to amaze me the worry we sometimes cause ourselves. So very glad that girl Nellie is fine, good job mom!


  4. Never second guess yourself when it comes to your pup’s health. Mom used to work in a veterinary clinic and that is why she says that. Better to have things checked out than to wait. Being a proactive dog parent will give you many more happy years with your furbaby. So glad that Nellie is fine. I hope she got something wonderful to eat after all this!


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