{This Moment} See Beautiful: Water Blinds~FitDog Friday

Last week we trained with our training group, it was a cold cloudy day so I didn’t take the camera out to get any pictures. Over the weekend thou it warmed up so I was able to take some pictures of John doing water blinds on our pond with Gambler and Glory. The pond temperature is probably in the 40’s so still not the warmest but our chessies don’t mind at all, they are water dogs and it has to be pretty darn cold for them not to go in the water. Each dog got three blinds then dried off really well.

First up was Glory.

Next was Gambler.

A blind is where we set out bumpers or ducks across the pond (the dogs don’t know where these are) use a whistle and hand signals to guide the dog in the straightest line possible to the bumper or duck. You sit the dog next to you in a heel position line the dog up and make sure their spine is lined up in the direction you want them to go along with their head. Once everything is lined up you say “back” and the dog takes off in hopefully a straight line. If the dog veers off a straight line by any amount you blow the whistle one time to get them to sit. Once they are sitting and looking at you you raise your arm up to give them the correct hand signal, which ever arm you raise up the dog must turn that way or that would be called a cast refusal. In the hunt test game you are only allowed so many cast refusals if it goes over that amount your dog fails. You can use as many casts as you need to but they all should be showing progress towards the blind. Once they get to the bumper or duck they pick it up and you call them back. They will then run in a straight line back to you, heel and deliver the item to hand.

Since I am late posting my post for today I have some big news to add I can’t wait until next weeks FitDog post so will share it now. It is FitDog Friday 2nd Anniversary over at Slimdoggy we love FitDog Friday and Slimdoggy as we get to share our fitness routine with the other hoppers, and learn how to keep the SS gang fit, learn all about nutrition and so much more. Last year on their 1st Anniversary the SS gang won their In The Hunt Award which we proudly display. This year Gambler won the award, he won the Class Clown Award (imagine that) and he will proudly display this award along side of the other one. Thank you FitDog Friday hosts for choosing Gambler!

fitDogFriday_class clown


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Here are my two favorite pictures from this day, they are my {This Moment} See Beautiful

this moment

{This Moment} See Beautiful is a once a month Blog Hop, every 2nd Friday of the month. simply create a blog post that made your day, week, and/or month … inspiring you in Seeing Beauty. Blog Hop inspired by See Beautiful. We thank Sugar and Miss Lydia from See Beautiful.

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16 thoughts on “{This Moment} See Beautiful: Water Blinds~FitDog Friday

  1. It’s great to see them in action… I love the jumping photos! I must laugh as I read about your award at SlimDoggy…well… well deserved :o) it’s a pleasure to read your posts G-man and to make this world a little funnier is a serious job, that’s for sure :o)


  2. Good job on those water blinds. We still have no been in the water. Hard to believe. Love all the pictures including the See Beautiful pictures. 🙂 Congrats on your award! Have a great weekend. We hope to get some raining in tomorrow. We will be going to a new group since our group is off at a test in Indiana this weekend.


  3. Amazing the amount of training it takes to train them! The dedication and love that go into it shows on those happy faces. They certainly enjoy making their mom and dad proud! Good JOB all of you!


  4. Congrats to Gambler on his FitDog award! All great photos….I’ve been wondering how cold that water is, but I imagine their coats are made for that. Do they ever shake off on you though? 🙂


  5. Hi Y’all!


    Bet the gang was cheering when they got to run water blinds! Whoopee!

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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