Cleaning The Pipes~Monday Mischief

Last week I got a inquiry about using Gambler as a stud. Gambler is going to be four years old this coming May and hasn’t had any hanky panky  so I’m assuming there might be some rust in the pipes. Who wants to pay for rust? Not I if I was buying so this was a good time to make sure that he also had swimmers, no sense doing a breeding waiting a month for a confirmed pregnancy to find out there are no puppies and it’s because the stud dog is sterile. I didn’t want that happening to me and Gambler so off to the clinic we went for a Brucellosis test, pipe cleaning and a semen check.

They tell me to go into a room and grab a magazine….what’s up with that?

Gambler was a willing fast participant. We got the goods and surprising no rust!

Time to look under the microscope to see if any swimmers.

This is the view under low power, lots and lots of swimmers very active little buggers.

Looking at the swimmers under high power now to check for double heads, bent tails, dead ones.

If you would like to see the active swimmers you can by watching this video.

ahhh where’s my cigarette?

At some point I do plan on collecting and freezing Gamblers semen. At that time they will do a proper semen analysis on him with numbers to tell me how much sperm he is producing, how motile they are and percentage of abnormal ones. This day I just wanted to make sure he had swimmers that were alive and he did so if he does have a breeding he should get the deed done on his end.

If you are planning a natural breeding each party should have a Brucellosis test done.

Taken from the AKC Canine Health Foundation webpage:

Brucellosis: An Overview

Brucellosis is a bacterial infection which affects the reproductive organs of both male and female dogs. The disease is spread by body fluids, with the main route of transmission being by sexual means. In addition to sexual means the disease can be transmitted by ingesting contaminated fluids such as vaginal discharge or urine. Airborne transmission is very rare but has been reported. The disease spreads quickly among dogs that are kept in closely confined areas especially during breeding times and when abortions occur. You can read the rest of the article here.

Basically Brucellosis is a disease that can cause litters to abort and cause sterility in both the stud and bitches it can also be spread to humans so for sure don’t want that in my kennel, it’s a breeders nightmare so best to take all precautions.

I will keep you posted on Gamblers inquiry.

monday mischief

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26 thoughts on “Cleaning The Pipes~Monday Mischief

  1. Oh bless him..he looks like a weight has been lifted hahahahaah oh lordie I know it is a serious business but man I laughed..bless his heart what a darling 🙂 loves Bev xx


  2. Bro, I’m glad you wrote this post. My dad laughed and said the best is always the cigarette after… My mom has that plan with the frozen offsprings too, what kind of magazine do you suggest?
    btw: the print on the cup is priceless… hop to it… hahahahaha


  3. Yay Gambler lol Breeders didn’t used to have the sterility problem, which often makes me wonder what is causing it in todays dogs. I know several breeders who have a very difficult time now days.


  4. The picture of him with the Dog Fancy magazine may be the best thing I see for a long time. We had a good laugh! Did you read that Bentley is having a myringotomy procedure on Wednesday? Are you familiar with it and should I be worried? You know that I am anyway! LOL!


  5. Hi Y’all!

    Read anything interestin’ in that Fancy mag, Gambler?

    Oh, and no cigarettes! They are very, very bad for your health! Heck, they could even ruin your future fun!

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  6. Well, Gambler, I hope you had a little fun with your magazine…;-) Thanks for sharing the information about Brucellosis ~ I had never heard of it as I am absolutely unfamiliar with the breeding topic!


  7. I was afraid to click on the link because I know you and I wasn’t sure what you had planned. LOL Glad the G-Man is good to go. You’ll keep us posted, yes?


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