Some Of This And Some Of That~Thursday Barks And Bytes

Some Of This And Some Of That

First off a couple of blooper photos from our photo shoot.

Gman a man of many hats or man that can wear hats sideways and still look good.

I’ve been getting some actual orders for some paracord leashes and laynards, finally making a little money instead of giving them all away. Here are the pictures of the stuff I made last week. 3 foot leash $13.00 s/h included, laynard $15.00 s/h included. Still working on a paracord page here on wordpress. Can email me or leave a message in the comments if your interested in a paracord item.

Slip leads

5ft diamond weave leash and cobra weave choke collar.

Does this leash make my head look big?

Laynards and Leads.

My paracord colors

You can follow along with me on Instagram. Here are a couple of photos I put on Instagram last week.

MK snuggling with Nellie.

Gambler sandwich.

Something neat to share: Have to do a shout out for my friend Amy and her therapy dog Lewis. She was browsing Facebook the other day and came across a picture and article of Lewis in  AKC dog lovers. Therapy dogs are just the best and the people who have therapy dogs (me included) make such a difference in the lives of others. Thank you to all who do therapy work!

When I had the giveaway last month for Norman’s Kisses Hand To Paw Cream & Chapstick Golden Daily Scoop was one of the winners, she mentioned Norman’s Kisses on her blog today, hop on over there and take a peek. Thank you! I am having a bit of a freak out attack that I really shouldn’t be selling this stuff to people I don’t know as since I am not licensed, make this in my home for fun and thought a couple extra buck, people are sue happy and I could get sued for selling my product. So I’m not sure what I am going to do now, I am going to keep making it as it is fun and I love using them and will still have them in give aways.

Stop back tomorrow for FitDog Friday and hear about the new joint medication Nellie has been taking and a giveaway.


We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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16 thoughts on “Some Of This And Some Of That~Thursday Barks And Bytes

  1. Haha bloopers are something I have a TON of! Congrats on making some money from your paracord items! Isn’t it satisfying? I make metal stamped jewelry. It’s how I help pay my dog expenses. 🙂


  2. Bentley and I HIGHLY recommend your paracord collars and leashes. I hope that you become the Paracord Queen! ☺ I love my hand cream and lip balm too. You are right about the risk though. I had to quit making and selling wedding/birthday cakes for the same reason. If you become in demand and you’re not licensed, it can be trouble when dealing with strangers. ♥


  3. Thanks for joining the blog hop. I will be contacting you for some paracord leashes when I get my emergency kit in place.

    As for the hand cream/lip balm/leashes, the collars wouldn’t be the issue, more the hand cream and lip balm as people could have a reaction if they were allergic. have you considered opening an Etsy shop? You could check it out and see what other people who sell those type of products do.


  4. I love the photos of MK modeling the paracord, and snuggling with Nellie.
    That is probably a good thought about not selling your lotion and lip balm to strangers. Definitely better safe than sorry these days. But you’ll still sell it to your friends, right? 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing about Nellie’s joint supplement, especially since we have a post going up next week on the same subject.


  5. you can wear a hat in all ways Gman… and you even can leave your hat on, like Joe Cocker once said :o) Easy loves his paracord collar, it’s always with him, think he loves the colors as much as me :o) I hope you will find a way for Norman’s kisses, it was a super good idea.


  6. Love the bloopers. They are fun! The slip leads are cool. Might have to get one. 🙂 It is too bad that you have to worry about being sued, but in this day and age I suppose you have to think about it. Thanks so much for joining the hop!


  7. Love the bloopers photos and the photo of all of the dogs on your couch. Where do the humans sit?

    As far as your cream and chapstick sales, I agree with Jodi. You should check out Etsy. They have a huge number of visitors and it is really cheap to set up a store. Mark from DamiensBestDogToys has an Etsy store so he could probably give you more insights.


  8. Hi Y’all!

    I have one question…where do the humans sit? or lay down? or nap? or don’t you?

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  9. Please don’t let sue happy trolls keep you from doing what you obviously enjoy doing. They willsue regardless of whether you have a product for sale or not. Keep the love and passion in your heart and be guided by that, not the fear of some stupid troll who may or may not cause problems. Good things happen to people who do good things. ❤

    BTW, love the 'model' of the para-cord leash. Very photogenic! 🙂


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