It’s A Ducky Monday~Monday Mischief

With a couple weeks of not knowing if Monday Mischief was going to be here or not I am so glad that it is here! Thanks to Jen at mybrownnewfies for keeping it going! Lord knows we always have mischief at our house to report on Monday to start the week out with a bang.

Today’s mischief involves little duckies. Each year I buy day old mallard ducks or I incubate them from eggs that are laid by the adult mallards I’ve kept through the winter. This year I didn’t keep any mallards through the winter so I had to buy day old ducks. Usually I buy them in March/April when it is warmer as I don’t want the little buggers to freeze if shipped in the mail. This year I wanted to buy them as early as I could so they could be big enough to start using them for training come June. So I placed my order for first hatch on February 23rd. I went and picked them up from Abendroth’s Hatchery just after they were hatched, brought them home and set them up in our shed. It just so happened this night it was going to get well below zero and not much warmer the next day so I had to keep the litter buggers warm.

101 little peepers.

Have to keep the peepers warm.

So how does JoAnn keep the peepers warm you ask?

Besides having three heat lamps they have their own space heater.

And a sheet to keep the heat in.

Can’t accuse me of not taking very good care of my little peepers, they have a warmer set up then I have, lol.

All the little peepers have made it two weeks now. They are such hardy little things. They are growing like weeks and making a mess of things. G & G are happy as they know when little peepers come training is just around the corner.

monday mischief

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15 thoughts on “It’s A Ducky Monday~Monday Mischief

  1. Hi Y’all!

    There is hope! Yesterday it was 77 Fahrenheit here in the low country. Spring is coming!

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. Every day is a Ducky day around here! BOL

    So, instead of 101 Dalmations, you have 101 Ducklings! How absolutely precious!! My girls would be going bonkers — or is that honkers? — by now


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