Coveralls Bite The Dust~Monday Mischief

You all should know by now I hate the cold so when I go outside during the winter months in WI I wear my most favorite coveralls that I have had for over 15 years. I love them because they are just the right thickness to keep me warm and I’m able to move around without all the bulk. One day I stuffed my pocket full of treats and I was off to do a winter photo shoot with the gang. I thought it would go better if I had treats to entice them instead of just taking random photos. Needless to say I didn’t use all the treats, put the coveralls back into the closet and Gambler karate kicked the door open and grabbed my coveralls.

Where are the treats? I smell them!

The treats were yummy!

The culprit.

The pocket no more.

Several times a day Gambler will bring me my boots, jacket and coveralls as he is board and wants to go outside and thinks if he brings this stuff to me I will get up and take him outside.

Mom I brought you your coveralls, lets go outside.

I’m waiting mom.

I got your boot mom!

If you don’t hurry up I will chew a hole in your boot!

Maybe if I haul in the rug and Nellie’s bed you will finally get up and do something with me?

I always know the sound of Gamblers feet prancing across the floor into the living room to bring me something. He thinks he is being such a good boy. It’s about time the coveralls bite the dust as he also ripped off the straps pulling them out of the closet. It’s hard for me to let them go quite yet, maybe after a couple more holes.

monday mischief

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21 thoughts on “Coveralls Bite The Dust~Monday Mischief

  1. now the coverall can no longer cover all …. it’s a coversomething now. i learnt it the hard way too as i forgot some treats in my handbag…. easy couldn’t manage the zipper and my bag got a hole :o( i still wait that the dogowner (his dad) pays for the damage :o) I first was proud that easy can open all doors, but now I have to turn into the cavalry when I hear the door of the closet :o)


  2. OK…leaving treats in the pocket was an obvious mistake but I just love how helpful GMan can be! Bringing you all your stuff so you can get ready to go play outside. Too sweet! Happy Monday!
    P.S. Our WW post is going to be our Norman gifts. They arrived Saturday…thank you so much! You didn’t have to do that but it is much appreciated!


  3. Well, with a nose like G-man’s mom has been lucky the coveralls lasted as long as they did with treats in them pockets. He is so helpful and didn’t want them to be forgotten! BOL


  4. I would be shattered hahaahah i have a pair that i bought years ago secondhand shopping..they belonged to a bloke named John (by the tag) he was good deal shorter than me haaha but i had an lovely teatowel that was useless for dish drying and it had aborignal art on i made it into cuffs…i love all the pockets..i love the comfort and i love that a snake can;t bite through them 🙂 i hope you an salvage your old friend…hugs Fozziemum xx


  5. Hi Y’all!

    Will Gambler settle and leave goodies alone when he gets a bit older? Or is he just a juvenile delinquent?

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  6. Sounds like you need to keep your outdoor stuff locked up much better. We never go into the closet to get Mom’s clothes, but she loves being out with us in the winter, so it isn’t a problem at our house.


  7. I had some really nice warm socks that were my favorites….Luke found them in the laundry basket and chewed one up. No treats involved (I guess the smell of dirty socks was a treat for him)! Raiding the laundry basket is new for him, and something else to stay on top of. I love what you said about Gambler’s feet prancing across the floor….I can always tell when Luke is up to no good by the sound of his footsteps, and when he has something he shouldn’t (or is destroying a toy), he takes it down to the bottom of the cellar stairs.


  8. You’re never at a loss for Monday Mischief post fodder when Gambler’s around! So helpful of him to bring you your stuff! Bummer about your fave coveralls! I’ve done that before, leaving treats in a pocket. Luckily our pup at the time didn’t make me “pay” for my forgetfulness!


  9. It’s such a shame your favorite coveralls are wearing out (with help). Once you find a favorite jeans, coveralls that are really comfortable you want to have them forever. Hopefully they will hold up for a few more years.


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