House Woof Valentine~Mischief Monday

What a great Valentines day the SS had because of their far away friend Amy who was so kind to get the gang some treats from House Woof.

The gang as had these treats before and they just love them. This time a mischief was had by Gambler. He turned into a crazed dog that was out of control when he realized what was in the box. We all know he is a nut but he was just out of control when he got the box opened and found out what was inside.

Here is the video:

I had to shove  put Gambler outside so I could pick up the treats and open the box without Gambler mauling me for more treats.

Gambler opening the box.

What a nice Valentines gift for the gang, along with a card.

I put the beet treats in a dish and left them on the table. I then left in Gambler, he ran past the table, ran back and then sniffed out the treats.

Whoa, what do we have here?

Nom, Nom, Nom

Chomp, chomp, chomp

These beet treats are the best!

The gang also got a new stuffie. Gambler took it over and thought it was his.

You can watch the video here:

The gang sitting pretty for a treat.

Glory getting to taste one, she loved them too.

From the House Woof website:

The gang gives these treats 4 paws up. Thanks Amy for all the nummy goodness.

monday mischief

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13 thoughts on “House Woof Valentine~Mischief Monday

  1. Gambler is so excited! That first video really made me laugh. I realized your friend must be in my neck of the woods, when I saw a local magazine on the table with the other goodies. I’ll have to look for those treats around here. I love the logo.


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