Pheasant Hunt~FitDog Friday

The dogs finally got to do a little pheasant hunting a couple weeks ago. We have been feeding our penned up pheasants for over 8 months and the gang thought it was time to do a little hunting since they haven’t gotten to hunt a month. We put the pheasants out in the marsh and took Nellie first to get her three pheasants. She caught one by herself and one she flushed up. More old girl couldn’t hear us or just wouldn’t listen to us and was having too much fun running amuck she got put up and didn’t get to get her third pheasant. It was a cold day so we decided to take Gambler and Glory out together so we could get it done faster without having to switch out dogs. Gambler caught a couple by himself too and Glory caught one. They both got some flushes and retrieves. It was a good day for the SS gang.

After this hunt the door to the pheasant pen was left open and about 25 pheasants got out. It would of been fine if they would of just flew off and found a new home but of course they didn’t because they knew the dogs needed to stay in shape so why not stick around and have the dogs run and chase to catch them. Wednesday morning for a hour and half the dogs were running non stop catching and bringing me birds. They bought me 15 that day. There are still more that each day they bring me.


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27 thoughts on “Pheasant Hunt~FitDog Friday

  1. OH WOW! I love the high jumping photos! Who is that in the first photo jumping so high?!? It looks like it was a fun hunt day. Sorry to hear all the pheasants escaped their pen! Oops. Have a great weekend.


  2. I love the jump pictures! It looks like the dogs had a great time! Barley’s been choosing to run amuck lately, too, but she’s having so much fun doing it that I just have to shake my head and laugh 🙂


  3. Well, they are definitely getting their exercise then! Ha, you would have thought those pheasants would have gotten as far away as possible when they had the chance!


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