MK Has Something To Say~Thursday Barks And Bytes

If you missed my Monday Mischief post with my typo you can read it here. I was reading the comments as they came through my email and was wondering why people were saying “you did WHAT” I couldn’t figure out the comments until on my lunch I looked at my FB page and people were commenting on I must of made a typo and yes you all are correct I made a typo and you can bet your ass if she did shit behind the curtain there would of been a picture as I love poop pictures.  I digress! Thanks for all the laughs!

Last December I placed a order for a couple of custom #PrideBites, @PrideBites custom toys. One for my good friends dog Lewis and one for the Gman. I think they turned out awesome, what do you think?

In January Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog who happens to be our lovely co host for the blog hop today did a review and had a contest for Renenease joint supplement. Your’s truely won and it was just in time as Nellie pulled her tendon and was limping. Nellie is taking it twice a day and I will post up about it later. Thank you Jodi!

This week I was awarded the Liebster award by Gilligan over at Waysahoy. I want to say thank you and I will proudly display the award on my awards page and will get to answering your questions later.

Don’t forget to enter my Norman’s Kisses Hand to Paw Cream/LipBalm you can see my post here. It will be going on until 2/13/15.

And speaking of lip balm, once I published Tuesday’s post Glory stole my EOS lip balm off my night stand and broke it open and down the hatch with it. This is why I need to make my own for less money!



We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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20 thoughts on “MK Has Something To Say~Thursday Barks And Bytes

  1. MK that is really brilliant… I would do that too, butt I avoid that bathtub like the plague :o)
    I like Gamblers Gambler-toy, that’s a wonderful idea for christmas (but I’m afraid Easy would love it to pieces). Congrats to your award, that’s worth to clebrate a little with lip balm… I currently eat mango-nectarine… well..the pomegranate was better :o)


  2. Oh many comments here, I get a big giggle outa the MK in the tub, it really made me laugh, ahhhh the power of a typo 🙂 I love Gambler’s new toy, what a great idea, Booth would probably love one of those outside. I do agree with you, good plan to start making you’re own lip balm, “hey Mom~~~it’s the great flavors you pick out that we love!!!” BOL


  3. I missed Monday’s post and went back and read it and laughed my ass off. When I was a kid we had a cat that shit in the tub. That is not a typo. She refused to use a litter box and would shit in the tub. You would go in for a shower and find something staring at you. It was vile and disgusting.

    Let me know how Nellie is doing on the Rejenase. I just ordered another bottle for Sampson.

    Thanks for adding this to the blog hop, it’s priceless.


  4. Poor MK….I’m sure she feels better now that you’ve cleared that up though! 🙂
    Another good thing about making your own lip balm is that if the dogs eat it, at least you know exactly what they’ve ingested!


  5. I don’t know how I missed that typo, but I realized that I also missed your Rafflecopter. I’d better go get my eyes checked! That is hilarious! I finally joined Facebook as a human so that I could have a personal blog page. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’ll be following you. ☺


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