Monday Mischief~Who’s The Kitty Behind The Curtain?

What do we have in here?

I better go check it out.

Who’s little kitty ear is this?

Hi mom!

It’s just me MK!

MK loves to hang out in the bathroom and play in the tub. She likes to shit behind the curtain and then pop her head out and look at me. Do your cat’s like playing in the tub?

Playing with MK’s mouse.

The dogs then thought it was a good idea to steal MK’s mouse and play with it.

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Who’s The Kitty Behind The Curtain?

  1. Peek-a-boo! That is so cute. Samantha also likes to hide behind the shower curtain. She doesn’t always peek out though. I only know she’s been there since she leaves a little pile of black fur on the rug that lays on the side of the tub!


  2. BOL too funny, I’m sure mom didn’t mean shit or poop hahahaha but MK you and mom are so funny. As usual, I love the pictures!


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