4%~It’s A Girl Busy Buddy~Monday Mischief

Poor Glory is having a bad false pregnancy. Even know she isn’t having puppies her body still thinks she is having puppies due to the hormones in her symptoms. When the doctor did the ultrasound and said Glory wasn’t pregnant she said there was a 4% chance that she was wrong and Glory was indeed pregnant. Glory didn’t have any puppies as her due date was on Tuesday the 20th but what she did have was a busy buddy tug-o-jug.

Push Glory Push harder, it’s almost here!

Dr. G to the rescue to deliver another baby for Glory. Last year it was a duck this year a tug-o-jug.

Taken from Veterinary Partners:

Clinical False Pregnancy

When false pregnancy persists it can be a nuisance. The female dog can show the following signs:

  • Nesting
  • Mothering inanimate objects
  • Lactating (giving milk)
  • Abdominal distension
  • She can even appear to go into labor.

Some female dogs are very sensitive to the hormonal fluctuations of their cycle. Diagnosis of false pregnancy is made by history and physical examination rather than by blood test. The key is to find symptoms of pregnancy in a female dog who is not pregnant. Symptoms generally become noticeable 6 to 12 weeks after estrus.



Wow, that was rough. Thanks Dr. G.

Look the baby comes with food in it’s stomach already how cool is that.

Dr. G all disarrayed.

Boy I’m hungry, can I have the food in the jug please?

Glory has been showing all the signs of a false pregnancy, the other night she was panting all night long and then the next night she was under the bed scratching to make a nest for the puppies. She is even producing milk and not eating like she should. We will just wait it out and make sure 4% gets lots of loving and isn’t left out in the cold.

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “4%~It’s A Girl Busy Buddy~Monday Mischief

  1. Storm’s false pregnancy after no puppies was terrible. We had to take her off food and water to get her milk to dry up. We had to take up all the rugs and beds in the house because she was nesting so much. We got her out training as much as we could to get her mind off it. I hope Glory will have an easier time of it.


  2. OMGosh, you are so funny, even though this IS NOT funny, the way you did the post just made me smile. Those dogs put up with anything from their mom 🙂 Poor Glory~~and well the whole family, hopefully it will soon be over with.


  3. Oh Glory, that’s a nice baby, it’s even purple, what’s currently my favorite color! Well done Dr. G…. apaws apaws! But seriously I hear ya…. our fox terrier was the Queen on that front, it was hard to bear, specially for my parents who looked puzzeld on the walls where she removed the wallpapers to make a nest with the paper shreds…paws crossed for you, dear Glory.


  4. Oh poor baby…I am glad Dr G was there but he did appear somewhat useless in the end ..typical bloke,they have no idea haaah…poor sweetie hope she is over it all soon 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx


  5. Poor Glory, it must be so hard for her! I hope she gets through this quickly. Is it caused because she had her estrus or because she was inseminated and it didn’t take?


  6. Oh no poor Glory. When we rescued Isabelle off the street as a small puppy, our lab Cookie thought she had given birth. Cookie was still a puppy too, but a few months older and bigger. To be honest, Isabelle looked like a puppy for 17 years and worked it. It must have timed with Cookie’s first or second cycle or something so she produced milk, swelled up and had all the signs. I blamed my husband for being careless walking her initially, until we understood it was a false alarm. She suffered for a few weeks but it never happened again. She only got spayed at 4 or 5 years old in Canada (she was from Chile).


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