It’s All About MK…No Chessies~Thursday Barks And Bytes

It’s all about MK, MK….No Chessies, It’s all about MK, MK….No Chessies.

Poor MK hasn’t gotten much lime life on the blog so today it’s all about her and not the chessies.

MK loves to hang out outside. I did find out the reason she want’s to be out their is probably to meet up with her boyfriend the striped cat that lives at my brother in laws house. I will see him dart off across the field to the line fence and he is traveling a ways from home so it must be to meet MK. MK also had a abscess last summer so it must of been from him. One of the many reasons to keep your cat indoors but do I listen or does MK? Nope, it’s a do as I say moment and not as I do. She is as photo genetic as the chessies so it’s all about MK today.



We are joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for this great blog hop.

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17 thoughts on “It’s All About MK…No Chessies~Thursday Barks And Bytes

  1. Hi Y’all!

    I love black and white cats. I used to have a barn cat named “Fast Feet” cause he had 4 “little white slippers on his feet”. When he ran his movements were emphasized by those white feet.

    BrownDog’s Human


  2. Awww she really is just as photogenic! Beautiful pics… aaannd thanks for that song whirring around my mind probably for the next day or so now :D… do prefer these lyrics though!
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x


  3. Cat bro Bert always tries to run away, but Mom has taught Bailie to chase him down and sit on him when he races out the door. It works well for Mom so she doesn’t have to chase him. It works for Bailie as she loves to chase him. It doesn’t work for Bert as he can’t get away and go outside!


  4. Again another little model in the family. She looks so cute in these pictures and I’m sure she loves meeting her boyfriend when you’re not looking 🙂


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