FitDog Friday~1st Training Day Of 2015

It’s been about 5 weeks since the SS gang has been out hunting. It’s been about three months since we have done any type of hunt test training. Last week before the deep freeze came we decided it was time to use up the ducks we had in our pen and did a little training with the crew. We set up a test in the marsh, Nellie was test dog and she got one life flyer. My camera battery was dead so I didn’t get any pictures of her. She retrieved her bird with no problems and was happy as ever to finally get out and do something. I walked back to the house to put Nellie away and got my phone to take some shots of G & G running their marks. They each got a double live flyer and 2 blinds. They both were over the moon excited to be out training again and they didn’t do to bad for taking some time off.

Now we are in a deep freeze so the training will have to be put on hold for a few days until the temps get back up into the twenty’s or thirty’s, -3 below isn’t good for training, can’t stay out very long in that kind of conditions. Need to be safe when out training.


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25 thoughts on “FitDog Friday~1st Training Day Of 2015

  1. You can tell how happy they are to be back out there! Barley always gets excited when we get to go back out on a nice long walk after a few weeks of really cold, really quick little neighborhood walks. Stay warm!


  2. We are ready for the deep freeze to end…day number six below zero now. Sunday should be better and then we can get back to long walks and running. A break is a good thing now and then as it gets you more excited when you are back to the training regimen.


  3. I bet it felt great for everyone to get back out there again. We hope this cold weather passes as well. We need some good soft snow on the ground and at least reasonable temperatures!


  4. I hate to sound like a wimp, but the thought of -3 makes me hurt! I’m sure that your gang loved being out catching ducks! Pierre loves the idea of a duck pen. He wants me to make a squirrel pen, so he can hunt and catch one.


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