FitDog Friday~The Puller

This weeks exercise was done with the SS new toy they got for Christmas. Thanks to Oz The Terrier for their great review of the puller toy and for the giveaway that we happened to win. The puller toy comes as a two pack (it should be a three pack for my gang, lol). I’m so glad it was a two pack because each dog wanted it so I tossed it they all ran for it one grabbed it and then I threw the other one and one of them got that one. They would bring them back to me and I would repeat the toss and they all ran out and the one who didn’t get to grab one would chase the others around trying to get theirs. They really love this toy. Gambler will run, run, run with it in his mouth. Great exercise too for sure.

Nellie having fun with the puller.

Glory having fun with the puller.

Gambler having fun with the puller.

The whole gang.

MK thinking she should exercise also.

My favorite picture I took with the puller. 

January 1st 2014 the gang posted up their new years resolutions for Pets Moveresolve to move your mutt.

Here’s how the gang did with their resolutions.

Nellie- Big epic fail. We were doing good during the spring and summer months, I even got 8# off of Nellie and then fall/winter came and she went back to running off and eating all the old dead animal carcass she could find and I believe she gained back her 8# plus some. She is by no means fit, she is a tella tubby to be exact. We need to get back on track in 2015 and get that weight off and keep it off.

Glory- She did keep exercising, but she also did gain a few pounds that we do need to get off now that we know she isn’t having puppies. We fed her extra thinking she was having puppies so she gained some excess weight.

Gambler- We wanted to try and bulk up Gambler as he is thin. We added extra calories but he ran so much this summer he didn’t put any weight on. He maintained until it was time to go hunting this fall. My friends dog couldn’t hunt so he borrowed Gambler for hunting. He was hunting him hard each day, duck hunting in the morning and pheasant hunting in the afternoon. I sent along his pro plan premium performance dog food which has more calories for working dogs but I failed as a owner to tell him to feed him more if he was hunting him hard. He ended up loosing 7#. When he did give him extra food because he thought on his own he should have more calories Gambler just left the food in his bowl. We finally got the weight back on him and still working on having him gain a few more.

This next year we will continue our hunt test training and keeping fit and hopefully will have good news and a skinny Nellie at the end of next year.


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15 thoughts on “FitDog Friday~The Puller

  1. I had to laugh because we were a two dog family for so long and everything we got came in three packs, not we are three and everything seems to come in two’s! Looks like they love that puller! Hopefully the weight will drop off if you all start getting a bit more active and eat a bit less. Thanks for joining the hop!


  2. how much fun you had with this fabulous purple toy! My mom joins Team Nellie this year and maybe together they will make it :o) , after the exploding Suzie Quattro memorial pants, I think that’s a wise decision :o)


  3. That PULLER thingy that you won from OZ is super… So is OZ, BTW….
    Butt even if they came in a 6 Pack… there would only be ONE that was GOOOOOOD at any given moment… at least that is how it is here on the hill.


  4. The puller looks fun, and I thought maybe MK was going to jump through it like a hoop! LOL. We won one also from Pawsitively Pets but because of Luke’s knee we haven’t tried it out yet. Hopefully soon!
    We did about 50% on our new year’s resolutions, which is probably par for the course.


  5. That sure looks like a great toy, and how cool that you won two of them so you could toss one and then the other. It actually looks like you’ll need four though, not three, since MK wants to be involved in the games! (Don’t get run over MK!)


  6. The puller toy looks like fun. I really like the picture you said was your favorite.

    We are having trouble keeping weight in Freighter too. I think it is their age and because they are still maturing. I think we may change his food because maybe the food he is on is not working as well as it was. He will be a skinny in the show ring for sure. Storm would eat herself fat if she could. Lucky not many animal carcases in the city…lol.


  7. We fell more the fail side too. We began in November trying to drop some more weight. Bentley has lost 3 or 4 pounds. I’ve lost some, but I still have like a gazillion to shed. ☺ Maybe I should chase ducks and pheasant! BOL!


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