Tasty Tuesday~Deer Liver Muffins

When I was searching the net to find some muffin recipes for Glory’s 3rd Birthday party I came across a liver cake/muffin recipe. I thought I should try this because during the WI deer season John shot a deer and saved the liver for the dogs. I can’t stand liver and can’t believe I actually touched it and made dog treats with it, but I’m sure the pups will really enjoy them.


Liver 2.2#

4 eggs

1 3/4 C Flour

Milk if needed

First I cut the liver up into little pieces and put it in my blender to make a slurry out of.

I then added the eggs, mixed them in and then added the flour. If the mixture gets to thick you can add some milk to thin it out to get it mixed well.

I then put the mixture into muffin cups, if you would like you can line a pan and coat with oil then pour mixture into the pan to make a cake. Once done you can cut it while it is still warm into little chucks.

Bake at 400 for 30 mins.

Taste testing the batter.

After I cooked the muffins in the wrappers, I immediately took them out of the wrappers so they didn’t stick to them.

Can we eat the liver treats now?

Enjoying the treats.

2 more days to enter Glory’s Birthday Paracord giveaway click here to take you to the giveaway.

On a side note I want to send a Happy Birthday out to Nellie & Tiny’s 09 litter. Happy 5th Birthday Riley, Summer, Libby, Maggie, Junior, Maximus. Hope you get many hugs, kisses and biscuits today and every day.


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16 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday~Deer Liver Muffins

  1. Happy Birthday to all your wonderful pups, Nellie. 2009 was a super vintage, bet they all are famous and live the happiest life ever. Easy drools now, but I’m not strong enough to work with liver :o(


  2. EWWWW I can’t believe you actually put it in your BLENDER! Did you throw the blender out? LOL I probably would have, or get one specifically for the liver stuff.

    Sometimes when I’m getting the dog’s dinner ready, I can’t believe I’m actually touching the stuff. Happy Birthday to Nellie!!


  3. OH my!!! I’m with Jodi, hate liver too and ohhhhh for the love of a furchild MOM can do the liver! We must commend her for the love and devotion she shows the children!


  4. What a great idea to use the liver. I don’t remember what my hubby did with it back when he used to hunt, but I know we never ate it, that’s for sure! The dogs I’m sure would love those, they look like a hit with yours!


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