Monday Mischief~Breakfast In Bed

When it was only Norman and Nellie they got to eat breakfast in bed every day as John would get up early to go to work and would feed them in bed because it was so early they didn’t want to get up to come down stairs and eat. Norman had his spot at the head of the bed between our pillows and Nellie had her spot at the foot of the bed. We got away with feeding the dogs in bed when we added 2 more to the gang. It got to be not enough room for feedings. If someone didn’t eat then they got their food in bed but for the most part they ate downstairs (on their spot on the couch).

This Sunday they got to eat breakfast in bed again. They loved it!

Nom, Nom, Nom breakfast in bed! With a nice sky behind.

Arooooo this is great.

Lip Smacking good.

Are your dogs spoiled and get to eat breakfast in bed?

After breakfast in bed it was snuggle time on the couch. Nellie and Glory have been fighting for a spot on my lap so they end up laying next to each other.

Momma, daughter snuggle time.

Glory isn’t usually a snuggler so I’m hoping this is a good sign that she might be preggers.

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monday mischief

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14 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Breakfast In Bed

  1. Wow – my guys are spoiled…but never breakfast in bed. I was thinking that same thing about Glory when I saw that picture…nesting/nurturing? Has she had a litter or is this her first? I found with our dog Maxine, I was able to tell she was pregnant much more easily the 2nd time…


  2. I’m glad that you wrote this post… good to know I’m not the only one :o) Easy gets his supper in bed every evening… sadly he is a messy eater :o) I hope you are right and it’s really a sign that you will get some more funny guys who prefer breakfast in bed :o)


  3. Our Little Miss Bailey often gets bedtime snacks in bed, but I’m not letting them see this post, that will be the next thing our bossy furkids will be demanding BOL. I can see the enjoyment on their faces. Wouldn’t it be fun to add several little babies to that breakfast in bed routine!!!!


  4. First of all, that sunrise is amazing. I thought it was a painting on the wall at first!

    Breakfast in bed! My folks say that I am spoiled, but after reading this I have to come to the conclusion that I have not been TRULY spoiled… yet! Time for some quality begging… *wags*


  5. Hi Y’all!

    BOL! Breakfast in bed! ROFBOL!!!

    Spoiled? I thought I had it good…guess not. I’m fed in my “house” (crate). I’m not even allowed on the furniture, much less the bed!

    Answered your question about the jacket today. One of the comments was that they’d like to see GMan flashing in it.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  6. Breakfast in bed takes spoiling your dog to a whole new level! My guys have to wait about an hour AFTER I get up for breakfast, and it is served in the kitchen. They are big time droolers, I don’t want that on the sheets!


  7. No eating breakfast in bed for us. We get up and hang out for an hour or so, then walk and/or run for another hour, then breakfast, so we are all up by the time we eat.


  8. I have to be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of dogs getting breakfast in bed. But it sure looks like fun! Ours are pretty early risers though, along with their Dad, so I don’t think they’d ever hang around in bed long enough for that!
    Fingers crossed for Glory…it sounds promising!


  9. I thought Rita was spoiled – but she’s not THAT spoiled! Breakfast in bed?! Wow – the humans in our house never even get that! 🙂 Those pics are all so adorable. Especially love the snuggly one!


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