Tasty Tuesday~Chef Gambler And His Mixed Berry Treats

Chef Gambler decided he wanted to help make some frozen mixed berry treats. He started out by getting all two ingredients, frozen mixed berries that he let thaw and plain yogurt.

All you need is frozen mixed berries and yogurt.

You try and open the yogurt with your mouth.

If your mouth doesn’t work, then use your foot.

If nothing works just kick it.

Put the yogurt and berries in the bowl and take a taste test.

Be sure to lick the spoon clean.

Give Nellie a taste.

Let messy Glory try it also.

Put some in a bowl and have a snackie before they are frozen.

Don’t forget MK.

Glory said this is nummy.

MK has no issues cleaning the spoon.

Fill molds and freeze.

MK not waiting for hers.

Even know it is 15 degree’s outside the pups like their frozen treats.

nom, nom, nom

Chef Gambler gives it 4 paws up.


Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!Tuesdays, Just Got Tastier!
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16 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday~Chef Gambler And His Mixed Berry Treats

  1. Lewis loves frozen yogurt treats too! We use plain yougurt and whatever we have laying around (canned pumpkin, berries, bananas, honey, a little cinnamon…). Love the molds too!!


  2. Great recipe, Gambler! I’ve made treats with fresh fruit, but I don’t know why it never occurred to me that it would be easy to use frozen fruit as well. Luke says we need to try these!


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