Nothing But Norman #70

Happy Saturday Everyone!


This is a pre scheduled post as Wednesday night I headed up north to go bobcat hunting. I didn’t know when I would be back or when I would have time to do this post so I am doing it early. The last time I got a bobcat tag was way long ago, like 8 years ago. It has taken me that long to draw a tag. The DNR isn’t issuing the amount of tags that they used to. Over 8 years ago I went up north and hunted bear with the same guy I am bobcat hunting with. I was going up there alone as it was during the week and John had to work. To feel safe on my 5 hour drive and stay up there I took my buddy Norman with me. He was a great shotgun rider and made me feel safe. Thank you Norman for always making me feel safe.

Who wouldn’t feel safe sitting next to this big bear?

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