FitDog Friday ~Saskatchewan Day 5 & 6

Saskatchewan Day 5 & 6  is Wednesday and Thursday day 4 & 5 of hunting. Wednesday was a rain day. We couldn’t get into the fields to put our decoys out so we stuck to hunting the pond by the farm house. We put our a couple of duck and geese decoys. We all picked a fence post to sit by and we ended up getting 39 ducks and geese. I didn’t get any photos from the shoot as it was raining and I ended up going back to the farm house with Gambler because I was cold and I am a fair weather hunter. The rest of the gang ended up getting some greater Canadian Geese which were hugh! Glory retrieved a couple of them. When they brought them back to the farm house I threw it for Gambler to see what he would do with it. It picked it up no problem an hauled it across the lawn.

I got it, this is no big deal.

And you all thought I couldn’t do it.

Aren’t these hugh?

The birds.

Thursday was another raining day, this day we went to our friends house and hunted on his pond. Once again I didn’t take the camera as it was raining. John and I both shot our limits of ducks which were 8 a piece. The dogs got their workout as they had to go swim for their retrieves.

Some of you wanted to know what we did with all the meat from the birds. Each year we take the meat to a local butcher and we grind it all into hot sticks or sausage. There is just way to much meat to eat by itself or we make it into stuff.

You also wanted to know why so many white decoys in the field. In bird hunting you have to put out decoys to lure in the birds from above. Birds don’t like to land somewhere’s unless they feel safe by seeing others in that area. You need to put out a lot of white decoys because the fields up in Saskatchewan are so big you need to make it look like there are a lot of birds there to lure in the birds from above. There are millions of snow geese passing through so you have to make it look good to them.


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9 thoughts on “FitDog Friday ~Saskatchewan Day 5 & 6

  1. Hi Y’all!

    Those are some large geese. Sorry it was raining. My Human and I don’t like to go outside for long if the weather isn’t nice. For my Human that means in cold weather my Human Papa and I have to really convince her I need at least a short hike.

    Someday I’ll have to get my Human to tell the story about the dead goose that was thrown on the back floor of her car. It’s a really funny story.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. Lucky dogs to get so many retrieves. My dogs are so jealous since their season was so lousy. This year it seemed like you had to be in the right place on the right day to see any birds. Those geese are gigantic!


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