Thursday Bark’s And Bytes~Boopers And My Trip

Tuesday was my post, if you didn’t see it on Tasty Tuesday you can see it here. The dogs were dressed in their blaze orange hunting clothes ready to take on the Natural Balance Venison Burger Bites. Here are a couple pictures that I didn’t show you.

Miss Nellie ready to go hunting.

What are the treats doing down here?

I think I will just lay here and sleep on this nice hide.

Gambler in the hood.

MK getting in on the action.

Nellie is still passed out. It was a rough photo shoot.

We want more treats please.

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with 3 facebook friends, one I met before 2 I did not. I flew into Dulles airport where Mel picked me up, I stayed with her Wednesday evening. I got to hang out with her 3 chessies and 2 kitties. Felt just like at home.


Miss Dee and Junior.

Thursday morning we met up with Amy where we went to Washington, DC to tour the attractions. I have never been to DC so this was such a great experience. It was so nice to go with 2 people from the area that have been there and knew what attractions to go to. We started out on a walking tour and visited one of the Smithsonian museums where I got to see the American Flag which will be a site I will never forget, saw Archie Bunkers chair, The Ruby Red Slippers and my favorite was checking out Julia Child’s kitchen. I just love her and loved watching her as a child.

After that we did a walking tour of the monuments.

After we walked around and had some street truck food we got on the Big Red Bus and took the bus tour of the sites. My friends surprised me with this tour. I would highly recommend it for those who aren’t able to spend a lot of time in DC. We were only there one day so to see all the sites and spend time at them was impossible so that is where the big red bus tour was nice. We got on the bus, sat on the top open area of the bus and sat back, put our headphones in and enjoyed the sites and tour guide. If there was an attraction that we wanted to spend time at we could hop off the bus see the attraction and then hop on the next bus that came through. It was a amazing tour.

We took the bus tour to Arlington National Cemetery, we got off there and spent some time there paying our respects. You can see my post tomorrow on my This Moment, See Beautiful post. The whole trip was fantastic and I saw a ton of stuff in 5 days but I will have to admit Arlington was my favorite.

Thursday night Mel and I went to Amy’s in Maryland where we spent the night and met up with our friend Jayne. From there we went to the beach, what a great time that was. When you travel to the eastern shores you have to visit the beach. We stayed at Castle In The Sands , what great accommodations they had. Amy was able to bring her Chesapeake Lew with us and what a great time we had.


Saturday we spent at Oysterfest in St. Michaels and then Sunday was spend in Annapolis.  This was a beautiful trip that I will never forget. Thank you Amy, Mel and Jayne for all the fun!



The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Bark’s And Bytes~Boopers And My Trip

  1. I just loved the hunters orange pictures of “Team” What go along kids 🙂 Looks like you had a wonderful time in DC with your friends, it is a great place to visit. I was there for the first time a few years ago and got some great pictures too!!


  2. You really did get a great tour of the area! Your pictures are wonderful.

    PS I live about 10/15 minutes from Dulles Airport just to give you an idea of where Jimmy/Wilson hang out 😉


  3. When my kids were young John would go to conferences in DC. We would stay in a N. Virginia Hotel and take the train in to me him every afternoon. We all enjoyed touring all the different building and Washington Monument. We also went to Arlington National Cemetary and were crushed by the number of lives lost. It’s been a long while since we were there. Really glad you got to go and enjoyed it so much. Really liked your pictures.


  4. Someone was sleeping on the job during your photo shoot – LOL!
    That bus tour sounds great, I wish they’d had that when I was down there. I’d love to go to DC again….there is just so much to see.


  5. What a wonderful trip. I was in DC way back when Regan was in office and I so enjoyed it. There is so much to see. Love all the pictures. I guess I missed this in the hop (sorry). Thanks so much for joining!


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