Monday Mischief~Purse Thief

Gambler has a thing for my purse. I’m not sure what it is but he is in it all the time. I know he has a thing for my chapstick but really my whole purse! Grandma came over for a little bit, we went outside to say goodbye I left the dogs in the house and it only took 10 seconds and I heard a big crash.

Who dun it?

The purse thief Gambler.

Thieving the wallet, making a fast get away.

After my vacation when I got Gambler home he was dead tired from all his hunting. He would jump on the couch and curl up into a ball and sleep. So I thought since I did the trial run with leaving Glory out while we were gone and she did really well that I would give Gambler a try. We left him out for 2 hours and when we came home this is what we saw.

Pet bed pulled on the ground, a bag ripped up and the content in the bag…..

A broken oyster fest mug.

My bad, I left the spare room door open and Gambler went in there while we were gone and grabbed the plastic bag which contained two oyster fest coffee mugs. While ripping up the bag which I know he likes to do he dropped a mug and put a crack in the inside of it. So Grandma only gets one mug and Grandpa gets none. Back to spending time in the kennel when we leave the house.

monday mischief

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17 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Purse Thief

  1. LOL color Gman fans~~~Surprised, oh that boy is a brat, someday mom, someday he’ll put on those big boy pants a be good!! We have been there so many times with our kids, it seems to take forever until they can be trusted!


  2. GAMBLER…… Demand that they show PROOF that it was YOU… THESE thingys COULD be the work of Evil SQUIRRELS… If the Peeps don’t SEE you doing somethingy… then it does NOT count. THAT is what WE think.


  3. Just like Bailie, she is so tired she can’t get up, but Mom leaves and she turns into a tornado! BTW, I love chapstick. I have never stolen it, but I want to lick Mom’s lips when she puts it on and I love to sniff the plastic thingy it comes in.


  4. Um….nice try? 🙂 Luke is pretty good when we’re not home, but we’re pretty careful that everything is closed up and put away that needs to be. Last Sunday when I was home though he was stealing everything in sight! At least if he does it when we’re home, we can most of the time save things from destruction. 🙂


  5. Hi Y’all!

    Gambler! Grow UP!!! From where do you get that mischief streak?

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. My Human is counting her blessings.


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