Thursday Barks And Bytes~A Little Of This And That

Today is the one year anniversary of my soulmate’s passing. On this day we said goodbye to my soulmate, our best friend, our once in a lifetime hunting buddy, our companion, our foundation stud dog, the best dog anyone could of asked for.

Norman 11/3/00 – 11/6/13

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of this guy. I am blessed to have his children and grandchild at home with me to remind me of what we had once. Stop back on Saturday for my Nothing But Norman post where I have a new picture video I put together for his Final Flight.

If you haven’t already stopped over and talked to Nichole from That Girl’s Stuff there is still time to get a personalized necklace for $15.00 shipping and tax included. Just mention Sand Spring Chesapeakes.

If you read Monday’s post you saw that it was Norman’s Birthday. When I got home from work Tuesday night there were 2 packages for me, I was super excited to open these packages. First package I opened was from Barnes And Nobel, It was the 21st Edition of the AKC Complete Dog Book. Now why would you think I would be excited to open up the AKC Complete Dog Book? It’s just a book on the breed standards and history of purebred dogs. Wrong….it’s not just a book, it’s a very special book that a bazillion people will see and when they open it up and read about The Chesapeake Bay Retriever they will see the most gorgeous puppy picture holding a bumper that happens to be non other than my precious girl Glory. Pretty exciting!!!!

Yes the little drk girl is all mine, mine, mine.

I’ve known for 2 years that Glory’s picture was going to be in the book but I couldn’t say anything until it was published. It was hard not to shout it to the world.

On to the second package. I opened up the envelope and this is what I saw.

Look at this neatly wrapped package.

Hey look, Rudy from Talking Dogs packed me up a prezzie.

A Rainbow Bridge bracelet and angel earrings.

I have to tell you these pictures don’t do the jewelry justice. The actual pieces are so stunning, the colors are so bright and clear, they are so beautiful! Sue at Talking dogs hand makes jewelry For Love of A Dog – Art Jewelry and Gifts.

It’s Norman’s bracelet.

Stunning just stunning.

Sue has a monthly giveaway, during one of her giveaways she asked what items people wanted to see go on sale. I of course said I wanted the Rainbow Bridge jewelry to go on sale. So low and behold it did and I bought me a bracelet. I was asked what name I wanted on the bone and of course I chose Norman. Sue included a little something from Norman in the box, it was angle earrings. That wasn’t a little something it was a big something! Sue said she picked the dark color to match Norman’s fur and I told her it was perfect as the topaz is Norman and mine birthstone. Getting this wonderful package in the middle of his Birthday and Death Day was a sign from Norman that he is looking down on me.

Rudy also enclosed a recipe for his favorite treats which I will have to make for my gang.

Back in the middle of October I was notified by Carrie over at All Things Dog Blog that I won a giveaway I entered I was super excited to get this email as I so wanted to win the Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit as I knew it would be great for when I take the dogs hunting.

The G team is super excited I now have a compact first aid kit to take in the field with us.

I will write a small review on this later.

Carrie also sent along a bandanna and Glory was more than happy to model it for you. Thank you Carrie for the giveaway and the bandanna they both are awesome.

Did you say treat? Where’s the treats?


The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes~A Little Of This And That

  1. So exciting that Glory is representing Chessies (and love that picture of her!) Thanks so much for the lovely shout out about my jewelry and your bracelet. I’m so happy you’re pleased! Definitely think Norman had a paw in the timing of the arrival of that package 🙂


  2. That is so cool that Glory’s picture is in the book! And Sue’s jewelry is beautiful! I think the earrings are perfect! I tried to comment on your Tuesday’s Tails post yesterday and it wouldn’t let me:( I hope my comment will be approved today!


  3. It must be a very sad and difficult day for you. I’m glad Norman is looking down on you and brought these precious gifts at just the right time! Sue’s jewelry is so beautiful and that bracelet and earrings are perfect.
    How exciting to have Glory in that book….you must be so proud!


  4. I had to fight with my tears as I read what happened today one year before. But it’s so nice that you got this book and the wonderful rainbow bridge bracelet. I also love the first aid kit, I won ours at Speedy’s blog and It’s always in my bag. Although I hope we will never need it :o)


  5. Timing they say is everything, and in this instance, I’m sure Norman had a lot to do with when that lovely bracelet arrive for his mom, who he loved to the moon and back. They will always be with us. One thing I love is that when we have other dogs when they were with us, the others learn so much from them and pick up many of their habits. I find that very comforting.
    Being from a family who raised Collies for so long, being in the AKC Complete Dog Book~is a really, really big deal! I can’t believe you could hold that in for so long! 🙂 A BIG Congratulations on that one! Hugs to you today 🙂


  6. Hey, wasn’t Norman in a book about the Chessie breed?!? Now Glory is…that is fantastic! Congratulations! What a beautiful bracelet in memory of Norman. I love Sue’s jewelry…she is so talented.
    Happy Thursday,


  7. Being a dog in books myself, I have to agree that it is so exciting. Congratulations on that. Also, congrats on the bracelet, it is gorgeous! This day will always be a sad one for you, but Norman wouldn’t want you to be sad.


  8. Such a sad day! But how wonderful for all these pick me ups to happen at this time! Glory being in that book, you must be SO proud! She looks stunning and the jewellery really is just gorgeous!! Sending you all the loves!
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x


  9. Wow! You have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I am so sorry you have missed Norman for entire year now. I don’t think time will ever cure some pain. The bracelet and earrings that Sue made are absolutely gorgeous. I love her work. Then to receive a book with your baby’s picture used as a breed standard…again! Congratulations, paw clapping, hands clapping, and way to be awesome!!


  10. The one year anniversary is hard. How nice that you got such wonderful packages in the mail. I love those rainbow bridge bracelets. It’s a beautiful keepsake for your beloved Norman. Congrats on Glory being in the AKC book! That is super cool!


  11. Thanks for joining the blog hop. You sure had some beautiful treasures to help cheer you up at this sad time. I also saw on Facebook that you had a visit last night. I’m so happy for you, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

    Enjoy that beautiful bracelet, Sue really does some magnificent work!


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