Monday Mischief~MK Going Hunting With The Chessie’s

What you say, MK Going Hunting With The Chessie’s?

MK’s a cat and the Chessie’s are dogs, right?

Right you are MK but remember MK was found and raised by Chessie’s so she is a ChessaCat and she wanted to go hunting with the gang the other day.

I decided to take Gambler and Nellie down to the creek to see if there were any ducks on the creek because John was taking Glory down the river with the canoe. We took off across the lawn down to the driveway and out of no where’s comes MK running to beat the band after us.

Hey whatcha guys doing?

Going hunting, I can hide.

Hey! Wait up!

MK you put your nose down like this to catch a scent.

This marsh grass is tall and thick.

Your doing great keeping up.

Who said a cat can’t go hunting?

Getting worn out, too much running in thick cover.

Selfie. Had to carry the little bugger as she was getting tired.

MK followed us through the Marsh, back to the same spot a year and a half ago we found her. She did a good job keeping up, when she couldn’t she would start meowing and Gambler went back and checked on her. I did have to carry her for a bit. No ducks were gotten this day. Too much MK babysitting.

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~MK Going Hunting With The Chessie’s

  1. Our kitty Tom used to go for walks with us in Germany. There were just gravel roads and grassy areas behind out place. He would follow along, do his own thing and then meet back up with us. It was kind of fun.


  2. MK is such a character! I loved the last video the most where she was running with the dogs. Our cat Don Juan used to go on walks with us sometimes. We lived on a back road with no traffic and he would just follow us when we headed out. One night we saw a big old owl watching him, so we had to keep him right by us!


  3. Hmmm, now I know cats are hunters too but I bet MK is a super excellent hunter since she was raised by hunting Chessies! Those field mice better be wary when MK is out on the hunt with the gang. BOL
    Cairn cuddles,


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