Monday Mischief~Not Much Mischief In Saskatchewan

Not much mischief happened in Saskatchewan if you can believe that!

Gambler marked his territory in the house twice which wasn’t any new mischief since he does that at home now and then. There was a intact yard dog a German Shepherd that was very social and wanted to hang out with the hunting dogs when we were back at the farm. Gambler had a case of short man syndrome and would stand on his tippy toes puff up his hair and parade around the yard dog mumbling like he was the studliest of dogs. I so tried to get a video as it was quite comical but I never got a chance.

About the only mischief he did in which I took a picture of to show you involved poop, why because you know I love poop pictures so the Saskatchewan mischief was on our last day hunting I told John I wanted to hunt with Glory as I hunted with Gambler all week and I wanted to get some close up pictures of Glory so wanted to hunt with her. We set up our spots to hunt, put out the decoys drove the truck to the road and walked back into the field to our spots. It is dark when this all happens as it is early in the morning. John walks up to his station and he starts shouting that Gambler pooped on his decoy bag, I told him he was nuts how did Gambler pick out that bag in the big field and poop on it. Sure enough I went over there shined a light on the bag and there were turds on it. Guess that is what Gambler thought about hunting with John.

Once I got home is when all the mischief started, you really didn’t think I was going to have one lonely picture and story for Monday Mischief, and actually this mischief all happened on last Monday the day after we got home.

I had to leave the house for a bit so I put Gambler and Glory in their kennels, I was in the middle of doing tons of laundry. When I got home this is what I came home to.

Hi Mom!

A pillow just like this one must of been right here for Gman to pull it into his pen and destuff it.

After I got home and let them out of their kennels they were so wound up Gambler raced around the living room and slid into my curio cabinet and by by glass front.


Even the bottom broke.

Side view, guess there is no fixing this one.

Glory had some mischief up her paw too. She is usually the good one but that full moon coming sure did a number on her. When John came home from work and sat down to watch me get supper ready Gman jumped up on the counter and then Glory did! She NEVER jumps up there, and she stayed there, she walked around and said hi to John and may herself at home.

What??? I’m not suppose to be up here?

I bought some gourds, mini pumpkins and Indian corn. Apparently even know they were on the coffee table Glory thought they were her new chew toys, or maybe she was just hungry.

My arrangement of fall decorations.

hmmmm what’s missing?

A little pumpkin?


Nom, Nom, Nom

This is one good gourd.

Not sure what wild hair got up Glory’s butt to make her get into mischief.

monday mischief

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17 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Not Much Mischief In Saskatchewan

  1. I know this pee-olympics… Easy marks all things too, even his grandparents before they can enter his crib :o( hahahah maybe Gambler thought today John will hunt skunks and placed some baits for Pepe Le Pew? sorry that the pillow and even your curio cabinet landed on the KIA-list, hope no one has been hurt… Easy damaged my fall decorations too, but instead to eat a pumpkin he ate a beeswax candle :o(


  2. Hi Y’all!

    Hmmm…so that’s why my Human never has anything on the coffee tables or chests…as for breakin’ things…that’s my Human’s area of expertise! Never been on a counter, never see anything there of interest unless my Human is right there and ready with a quick “aht, aht” as soon as I look toward the goody.

    I’m soooo good! Yes, my Humans will both confirm that.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S (from browndog’s Human…yes, he’s almost always good, but I only have 1 Chessie to keep up with and no “partners in crime” to egg him on.)


  3. It’s pretty much non-stop mischief at your house. A lot of it seems like it is good for a chuckle, but things like the curio cabinet aren’t fun at all! Sorry that was broken!


  4. Such great photos – WOW! I can’t imagine Harley jumping up on the table – probably because he rarely jumps period! But if he did, I would be all over it with my camera. How did you all rescue the bag from the poop? Inquiring minds (mine mostly) want to know?


  5. This stuff scares my mom. We dogs have always been real good, but Bailie is another story and she hopes Bailie grows out of her naughty phase, but reading this makes us wonder!


  6. What a bummer about that cabinet! The rest of that is pretty darn funny. Those kids get up to more mischief in one week than Rita gets up to in a year! It’s so boring around here! Jealous of all the potential blog fodder you’ve got over there!


  7. Oh gosh, your crew just cracks me up! Plus they make mine look good….LOL! It’s too bad about the glass cabinet though, and I trust no one got cut or anything, so that’s good. Glory was just tired of being left out of the Monday Mischief fun. I actually saw that photo, I think on Facebook? and moved my gourds up to a higher location!


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