Monday Mischief~Wrecker Wednesday

As usual most of the gangs mischief happens on Wednesday’s after I have been gone for two days and they have been in their kennels. I have now named Wednesday’s: Wrecker Wednesday.

This latest mischief was a emotional one for me. Usually when the gang gets into mischief it doesn’t really bother me as I am so used to them wrecking stuff it’s just like another day. This day started out like normal, the gang woke me up early because they wanted to go do something. I jumped in the shower and when I got out, I heard the tall tale sign something was not right…..rrrrriiiippppp!

This is what I saw:

Gambler started it!

Glory started it!

As you can see my towels are on the floor so that was the first mischief, Gambler stole my towels while I was in the shower.

I am old and wise and I didn’t do it!

The crime scene. The photo book was behind the egg basket on the shelf.

For the past three years I’ve had 2 photo books/3 ring binders on that shelf behind the egg basket. They have never touched them before. I’m not sure what made them decide to touch the photo book this day, and why they always chose my stuff to wreck? The photo books/3 ring binders are books that I made after my mom and dad died. Each one contains remembrance pieces about them and from the funeral. It contained pictures of the flower arrangements, cards, obituaries,  newspaper articles ect. The one they started to wreck was my moms, probably because it was on top.

I didn’t wreck a thing, I’m sitting here reading these nice cards.

Rrrrrriiiiipppppp! Opps, did I just say that out loud?

I think I should bring the stuff out here in the loft and chew on it.

What very dear cards you got for the passing of your mom.

All in all I just lost a couple of cards. The other stuff I can reprint as I have it all saved on my computer. I thought ahead and scanned everything into the computer in case something happened to the book and I also have a duplicate books for my niece and nephew so I can get copies from theirs.

On another day Gambler dug into my computer bag and ripped up my reusable grocery bag.

My reusable grocery bag.

uh oh

The next mischief for the start of this week was a doozy too. Saturday night I made jalapeno & cream cheese stuffed goose breast wrapped in bacon. In order to hold the bacon I had to put toothpicks in it. John and I ate supper, I finished first and thought John put the remainder breast in the fridge. I came down Sunday am at 4:30 am to get ready to go hunting. I saw the breast on the stove and thought to myself that I couldn’t believe no one came down in the night and ate it. So I made my chai tea and next thing I know Gambler is licking his lips and I look at the stove and the breast is gone! I was right there with my backed turned and didn’t even hear him! I freaked as I knew it had 2 toothpicks in it. I went over to where he showed me he ate it and there was 1/4 of one toothpick. So out to the shed we do for a cocktail of hydrogen peroxide and up came the goose and both toothpicks. Normally I wouldn’t freak out about eating stuff and just let it pass but we had a case in the clinic of a dog that had a reoccurring draining tract coming from what appeared to be it’s anal gland. We called in a specialist and he did a exploratory surgery on the draining tract and pulled out a toothpick that was working it’s way out through the ass cheek. After surgery the doctor talked to the owner and she said oh yes I know where that came from my dad was eating bacon wrapped chestnuts a while back! So sorry Gambler I hope you enjoyed it coming back up as you enjoyed it going down!

monday mischief

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17 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Wrecker Wednesday

  1. It was a wise decision to scan it “in case something happened to the book”… boy, brother that was really mischief… I like it too to shred their towels, butt I never ate a photo book…. I wonder why my mom immediately put the album of her grandparents on top of the highest cupboard…. bet she is afraid that I got some inspirations…
    btw: I remember the mischief with the ashes…. :o( btw. btw: how long have you to wear the sign of shame?


  2. Oh NOOO..why oh why..well all I can suggest is cupboard locks like the ones for kids…imagine them getting cleaning products glad you scanned..we have the same back up due to bushfires..always have backups..and as for toothpicks I would have freaked too! them and corncob husks always with dogs not good!..sorry you had a crap start to the week…pair of wreck it ralphs 🙂 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx


  3. Oh man! Bailie would fit right in at your place! She has shredded her bed so often, Mom doesn’t even care anymore. Bailie has to sleep in what is left of it, but she doesn’t seem to care. Mom never had a dog that was destructive, Bailie is the first and Mom is not liking it.


  4. Hi Y’all!

    Can’t believe you, Gambler! No wonder my Humans keep telling me what a good, well behaved boy I am!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  5. So glad you scanned those beforehand. I really should look into doing that; it would be such a loss if those were gone for good. That’s a lot of mischief lately. And ouch to the toothpick story; I hope Gambler did enjoy that coming back up as much as going down.


  6. Ohh my gosh!! Gambler! I am not sure ‘mischief’ is the right word for you!
    heartbreaking, thank goodness you are organised enough to scan and make duplicates. My own heart sunk for you reading that!
    … but we do LOVE your ‘Gambler Shaming’ photo, I guess with this fella in tow you have to keep your sense of humour to the forefront!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x


  7. Oh boy, your crew really brings mischief to a new level, don’t they? LOL We haven’t really had counter surfers before, just our golden Moses a little bit. Sheba just doesn’t do it, and Cricket is too short. But Luke has gotten tall enough, and knows how to use those paws to reach things. I have to keep reminding my hubby to not leave things on the kitchen counter now! So far he hasn’t opened cabinets….knock wood…..


  8. Bless your heart! ♥ It was a great idea to scan everything. Whew! I’ll admit to sharing the story of the ashes to more than one person. The toothpick story is scary. I will have to be more careful with them.


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