FitDog Friday~Another Goose Hunt

Went on another early morning goose hunt with the G team. I set my camera to a higher ISO so it was at 1600, I didn’t do anything else as I didn’t know quite yet how to change other settings. I think these pictures turned out much better than my blurry across the screen photos.






Gambler hanging out by the blind.

Gambler and Glory hanging out by the blind. They each had to be on one end.

Gambler head shot.

Glory head shot.

Gambler screwing around.

Hunting is done, lets screw around more.

Screwing around time, I can do that.

Gambler doesn’t share well, as you can see in this photo Gambler wanted to claim all the geese as his, so he got a talking to with the hat. There will be no growling at Glory.

Really I can behave! Today’s birds.

Still need to tweek the settings but for the most part I was much happier than I was the other day with my photos.


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13 thoughts on “FitDog Friday~Another Goose Hunt

  1. Hi Y’all!

    Yum! All I see is a lot of good eatin’! Hey, you two, your peeps share the bounty once it’s cooked? At least a little broth for the dog food?

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. They look great! I forget what kind of camera you have, but if it is a Nikon, then the white balance is right above the ISO settings in the menu, you can leave it on auto but it is usually better if you choose the correct setting yourself. If you hit menu about 3 times you get the shutter speed screen. Use the wheel on the top right of the back of the camera to adjust that. As you turn the wheel you will see the number change for motion 1/500 is a real minimum, 1/1000 is good for action. You may need to change the aperture too. If you don’t have a Nikon, I have no idea. Make sure and note the settings you had for these pics, so you can always go back to those if playing around is a failure.


  3. I think the photos came out great, you shouldn’t have to tweak too much more. Wow, the birds look so big when the dogs are carrying them….that has to be such a great workout for them!


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