Nothing But Norman #59

Happy Saturday All!

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September 1st is the start of the Wisconsin early goose season. Back in 2010 I was invited along hunting by my buddy Justin who just happens to own Norman’s granddaughter Riley. Riley’s story is a remarkable one. She was born 12/9/09 by Nellie. This was Nellie’s second litter. When Riley was about three weeks old and starting to walk around outside the whelping box I noticed her back right leg wasn’t moving correctly. I watched and watched her walk and took a video to send to my boss and said “something isn’t right”. I took her to work with me the next day, took a xray and sure enough the right leg was broke. The ball of the femur that is seated in the hip socket was broke right off. I then went back and watch the video’s that I took from day one and on day three I could see her little leg not working right at that time. We came to the conclusion that she must of broke it when she was born, or Nellie stepped on her after she was born. Regardless she had a broken leg. There was nothing we could do at this time since she was only three weeks old. I started physical therapy and as often as I could do it, I did therapy on that leg. I kept her until she was 12 weeks old, re xrayed her and the bone had healed back together. It was amazing! I couldn’t sell her so I gave her to my buddy Justin who has his own guide service All Seasons Adventures in Wisconsin. Riley has retrieved many birds and has’t had a problem with that leg.

Broken leg.

Headed up.

Our hunt 9/15/10.

Watching and waiting.

The retrieve.

Taking a break.

Our limit.

Riley & Norman.

We are joining Rukus The Eskie for Sepia Saturday.


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Here is my favorite picture from that day in color. We are also joining The Pet Parade.


11 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #59

  1. Wonderful nurse your are, that poor little baby. Just amazing that it healed properly. Good job with the therapy, obviously you were able to do it often enough. Love the photos!


  2. Those tiny pups are pretty tough, but they are fragile too. I would think at such a young age the healing process would be pretty fast and good. Glad the pup came out okay and hasn’t had any problems.


  3. He’s so handsome. I was sad to turn the calendar over into September. But then I realized I have another beautiful blogville dog to look at. Still, I’ll miss looking at Norman every day.


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