Tuesday’s Tails With a Book Review

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Meet Sancho:
He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever & Husky mix.
Here is what Pet Finder has to say about Sancho:



Helping an owner rehome his son’s dog-the other half is not a dog person . His name is Sancho and he is a 3 1/2 year old Chessie/Husky mix. Sancho is neutered, leash trained, walks well also off leash. He stops at corners,is a good rider, good listener, and doesn’t need to be crated. Sancho is current on shots and ok with other dogs(plays well in the dog park and is with an older Beagle in the home )

Located in the Waukesha area of WI. The man says they are not active enough to be fair to the dog. They say he is a very nice dog. Contact me at sue@crrow.org , or call 920-427-4295 and I will put in contact with owner after a vet and background check.

Disclaimer: Sancho is not a foster of CRROW, and we have neither met him or evaluated him.

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tails With a Book Review

  1. Thank you JoAnne so much for such a great review of the book. I would love to share the review on our website. We’re always so happy when we hear that yet another dog, in this case 3 furchildren’s parents have a plan in place in the event something happens and they can no longer care for them. We recently did a post about dogs in shelters where nothing much is known about these poor precious souls. One of our goals keeps growing, in that we have shelters and rescues making the book a part of their adoption packets. Just wish more dogs being surrendered had the book at that time. Finding those forever homes would be so much easier.
    Once again many thanks to you and the gang!


  2. I cross my paws for Sancho, that’s such an interesting mix, I bet his new family will love him! And I hope he will find it soon. I’ve heard about this book from Gizmo last year, it’s a topic what’s a little uncomfy but so very important. Great that you did it for all three furkids. And in worst case I will come and pick them up that they can live with me (MK too of course).


  3. Oh, I have heard of this book but didn’t realize what it was really all about. It’s a great idea and sounds like something every dog’s family should have.
    Sancho is a cutie, and I hope he finds a new happy home.


  4. Sancho looks so cute. I hope he finds his furever home soon. That books seems so interesting! I think I’m going to have to get two 🙂


  5. Pleased to inform that Sancho, now known as Mickey, has found a wonderful new home! I just stumbled across his photo and had to say something 🙂


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