Monday Mischief~I Said Sit And Stay

Yesterday Glory had another AKC Senior Hunt Test. We only got to train once this week and it wasn’t pretty so I told John he was going to be running Glory. I’m glad he ran her because the judges set up a couple of meaty tests.

Another test, we’ve got this.

The walk up.

Watching the marks go down.

And I’m off!

The retrieve.

Coming back.

Honor time, I said sit and stay.

Really, I mean it, sit and stay.

This is not a sit and stay.

Good sit stay, you watch the birds go down and listen to that gunner shoot that flyer 3 times.

And the controlled break! Get back here Glory!

Just a bit of mischief during the land series. It was a control break so Glory was called back to run the water series. She ran a good water series which she passed so she got another ribbon and her 3rd leg towards her AKC Senior Hunter title. One more leg to go which we will be trying for this next weekend.

Gambler had all kinds of Mischief himself as he ran another Master test and he made it to the second series where he lost his mind and thought he didn’t need my help and he failed. He will be running the next two weekends so he has time to get the mischief out of his system and pass a test this summer.

monday mischief

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16 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~I Said Sit And Stay

  1. One question I’ve been meaning to ask is how often are these tests run, based on your post it seems like they’re fairly frequent. Is it all the same organization or are these all done individually all over the place?


  2. Reading these is making mom a bit nervous. I’m real well behaved and methodical on my nose work, but she is so afraid we won’t find a hide on my tests. We are just practicing and practicing. Time will tell.


  3. Whata good girl!!! It’s funny to see how they think all this through. She did a fine job, when thinking about how all dogs are~~you know just from looking at your photos that she is on pins and needles just wanting to take off NOW 🙂 Congratulation on your win Glory!


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