Monday Mischief~Pawicure

During the summer I am always running around the farm in bare feet or in flip flops. My toenails are always gaked up with some time of muck so I decided my toes deserved a soaking in some warm water and soap. Gambler thought he was missing out and that he needed a pawicure of his own.

What do we have here?

Why are there toes in the bucket?

You got some stinky toes going on mom?

I better take a closer look.

I think I want my toes in the water.

My toes stink too!

I almost got my toes in.

Score! My very first pawicure.

After he spilled the water all over the living room area rug I decided he best play in the water outside. Here is a video of him playing in the foot bath water.

Little did he know that the next day he would be getting a pawicure of his own with the real live nail trimmer. He hates his nails being trimmed so that is mischief for another day.

monday mischief

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16 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Pawicure

  1. hahahaha he is the limit :o) I hope the rug survived the G-man pawdicure :o) sometimes dogs are a miracle, I can smooth his nails with a buffer, there is no problem, but if the nail clipper shows up we have the greatest drama and we better give this job to the vet (the 20 bucks are really hard earned money for the vet lol)


  2. Oh geez my dog Laika loves soapy water, I could see her drinking it rather than just being curious around it. She also hates her nails being trimmed, so I understand that completely; good luck with that venture, it’s never fun.

    I think it’s funny that cats are the ones that have the reputation for being curious; this post and much anecdotal evidence seems to support that dogs are just as curious about new things.


  3. Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! Hmmm. Rita and I could use pawdicures ourselves! (To answer your question… I didn’t cut my hair off. I had it up in a bun in that pic on the blog. I have had it super short before, but my hair is wavy, so when it’s short I HAVE to blow dry it or it looks stupid. And I’m way too lazy to blow it dry every time I wash it! I bet yours would look cute super short. Go for it!)


  4. He’s so curious about everything, great pictures as usual. We won’t tell him about his pawicure coming up. It’s Booth’s pawicure day today too and he hates it!


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