Nothing But Norman #57

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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Since summer is almost coming to a close I thought I should post up some pictures of one of Norman’s favorite summertime activities. When we used to fish with Norman he LOVED it. He loved boat rides, he loved hanging out in the boat while we were anchored but his ultimate fun thing to do was to pull the fish out of the live well after we put them in it. He would pull them out and put them in the bottom of the boat so he could then squeeze them. Trying to make them squeak like his squeaky toys. He had a ball and we had a ball watching him. Today’s photo’s were of us in the canoe on the grand river marsh. No motors or boats are allowed out there since it is a refuge so canoe time it was. Never once did we ever flip the canoe over with any of the dogs in it and sometimes we would have two at a time.

On a side note, John and I don’t talk about the passing of Norman much. We will compare the other dogs to him but that is about it until the other night when we were sitting at the kitchen island eating supper and John was looking at the 2014 Blogville calendar with Normans picture so proudly shown and he said ” August needs to be over with so I don’t have to look at that picture anymore, every time I look at it all I remember is the times I scolded him and don’t remember all the good times, it makes me sad”. My response to him because you know me I am all about clowning around just like Norman I said ” not me, I never spanked him so I don’t have any bad times, it doesn’t make me sad”. So that is probably a lie, I must of spanked him once in his 13 years but I don’t let that get me down. The good times outweigh the bad times so all I have are happy memories up until the sad memory of his passing. After the fact I felt bad that I didn’t comfort John at that time when he was opening up to me on how he felt about Norman being gone. What a poop I am. I’m sure Norman isn’t holding a grudge and was thankful for the stuff John taught him on how to be the best dog and hunter around.


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13 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #57

  1. When that stuff happens to Mom, she tries to think like a dog, in the moment. Norman I’m sure did not have any ill feelings about getting punished now and then. The love you had for him superseded any bad times. Mom has guilt feelings for things with her first dog as well, but she knows Trine loved her and knows Trine could feel Mom’s love. Even when August is over, I hope you have lots of other photos around the house to remind you of Norman.


  2. I think all of us who have ever loved a dog go through the same thing and thoughts John has. I try very hard when those moments I regret come to mind, to think and remind myself, usually it was for their best interests, their safety, which often times could have been their life. Thank goodness they love us and the forgive us quickly and reward us with licks and love 🙂


  3. I feel bad for John. He is still trying to cope with Norman’s passing. I have compiled many great resources for coping with the loss of a pet into a blog post on my website. The post is entitled Resources For Coping With The Loss Of A Pet. My post contains links to articles, books, and pet loss support hotlines.

    Here is the link:

    I hope that John can find some information in my blog post that helps.


  4. Poor john. I think all of us have those thoughts. It would be wonderful to never, ever lose our temper with our best friends. Unfortunately, we are only mere humans…not dogs. ♥♥ Y’all come by for a Hot Air Balloon ride today. That will lift your spirits!


  5. I think we all think like your hubby…I know I do about different things..and yes it is easier sometimes to make light of things to make the heart hurt a little less,,,they say time does..but never enough ..what a lovely boy Norman…and I know he would have nothing but lovely memories of his time with you both ..hugs Fozziemum x


  6. I think I have some lingering guilt about every one of our dogs that are gone….I just have to try not to focus on that. Mine is more about their actual passing or what led up to it…but either way it doesn’t serve any purpose to dwell on it. I hope John can get past his guilt.


  7. I have so been enjoying looking at Mr. August, I’m sad it’s coming to a close, but I do know another beauty is waiting for me next month.

    I love Norman.


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