Monday Mischief~Three Day’s Worth

Last week I was gone three days. As you can about imagine that meant three days of mischief. I should always know the morning I am off of work after being gone is going to be a doozy and I should be prepared but I never am. I bought John a pack of new socks and have no idea where he put them but apparently he put them where Gambler could get a hold of them. This is what I woke up too:

It’s let’s make a mess time.

Glory started it!

I really wish Glory wouldn’t get me in trouble.

Next Glory was playing with her Ducky and Gman the fun police had to step in.

Then they all played with the Ducky.

Once we got up then I left the living room door open so the dogs could come and go as they please. This was the wrong thing to do as I had my over night bag on a chair and this is where I found it:

I will help take moms bag to the car.

Next the garage door was open which meant lots of mischief to get into. Since we were gone the whole weekend when I unpacked the truck I just threw everything on the floor in the garage. So that meant Gambler could get into some mischief starting with this:

My leash bag brought out and tore apart.

My rain gear which was nicely packed in a ziplock bag as well as the electronic collar.

Glory has been good the whole summer and hasn’t chucked any wood. Not sure why she had to start chucking today.

Glory spreading the wood around.

The wood should be on the lawn not on the deck.

Yup that’s right I caused some mischief.

Since that wasn’t enough mischief Gambler decided to tip over the garbage can.

I’m a innocent by stander, I didn’t do it.

This is the one that did it!

Then I had to go somewhere’s with my car and I left the windows down when I got home and this is what I found when I went back outside:

The chip clip that was on my chips in the car broken.

Gambler eating my chips.

It was a very mischievous Thursday for sure. They really kept me busy as like I needed anything else to do.

monday mischief

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20 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Three Day’s Worth

  1. I unfortunately had the speakers on and now I have someone who wants to play with Glory’s duck too :o) I admit I must laugh but I know such moments aren’t easy to handle. Have a good monday :o)


  2. It always amazes me how ornery your guys/gals are! They lead such an enriched life with all that hunt training and swimming, I would not think that they need more excitement. You’d better get out there and take them for a 10 mile run before lunch!


  3. I was just wondering if Bailie could come and stay with you guys for a while? She would fit right in. As of this afternoon she lost her home alone privileges and will now be kenneled again whenever Mom goes away. She did great for almost four months, and now she started ruining things every time Mom leaves. Mom has never had a dog that did this before, so it is a bit trying for her. We are all trying to see some humor it it somehow.


  4. I think we should just go ahead and crown Gambler King of Mischief. 🙂 So funny the way he teased Glory with the ducky after taking it away from her . . . well, probably not so funny for Glory. 🙂


  5. Wow – that’s a lotta mischief! That sock pic made me laugh. (Sorry… know it all means more work for Momma – but it sure is amusing to watch.) 🙂 So, how much wood does a Glory chuck when a Glory does chuck wood? (Seriously… does she try to bring the whole pile down on the grass, or does she just chuck the same pieces over and over? What a funny thing for her to do!)


  6. BOL!! Oh my your furkids do know how to make good mischief. It’s so funny how you caption the pictures and all but I know the cleanup when they do things like this isn’t funny at the moment. But ohhhh the memories they make for you! 🙂


  7. The socks just cracked me up first, and then the rest…..I just finished picking up a trail of toys from out in the yard all the way through the house, so I appreciate this more!
    The dogs clearly feel that you need more to do…LOL!


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