Glory, Gambler, Nellie & Fur Angel Norman. My Inspirations.

Today I am joining the other bloggers that participated in #mywritingprocesstour. This is a tour that tells us more about the writing process of the person behind their blog. I was graciously invited by two other bloggers early on in the tour but I declined as this summer is flying by and has my head spinning on all the stuff I need to do each day I didn’t think I had time to participate in this tour and to be honest I’m not a chain letter if you call it that type of person as I always have trouble finding others to follow along with me and agree to do something I would like them to do. So I need to say thank you to Jenna from Owned By A Husky and Jan from Wag N Woof Pets for thinking of me and asking me to join them.

I had been reading other peoples writing process and really enjoyed what they were telling me about their process so when Hawk from BrownDogCBR asked me to join in on his tour I figured why not, I can do this. If you don’t know Hawk I recommend you hop on over and say Hi to him and tour his blog. He is a fellow Chesapeake on many beautiful adventures. Some are at his mountain home and some are at his home on the shores. Where ever he is he is seeing beauty each day of the year and sharing it with us.

So from one Chessie to another Chessie person here are the three questions of the tour I have to answer.

What am I working on?

I am working on finding time to take pictures, edit pictures, come up with and write a blog post. I try to have a couple days done in advance but with trying to train my Chesapeakes Gambler and Glory for upcoming hunt tests in each spare moment of my free time that doesn’t leave much time to prepare my posts like I would like to. I have a couple of reviews that I need to get done and a thank you blog hop for a company I do reviews for coming up.


Why do I write what I do?

My blog is about my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. I started this blog almost 3 years ago when my foundation bitch Nellie was pregnant with her third and final litter. I thought it would be cool to follow along with Nellie’s whelp and have a diary of the puppies. The diary would be for the potential puppy people who were getting a puppy and for me to look back on in the years ahead. I posted a few times but really didn’t get going blogging until later in 2012 where Norman, Nellie, Gambler and Glory became my inspiration. I got serious blogging now to promote Sand Spring Chesapeakes and get my name out there for future puppy buyers. I don’t hide anything about my kennel and breeding. For those who what to know what Sand Spring Chesapeakes is about all they need to do is follow along with this blog and they will follow the adventures of our Chessies. Some days they might get to follow along with MK our cat-chessie too!

How does my writing process work?

My writing process is a fly by night operation. I really don’t know what I am doing. If you can’t tell I’m not the best at grammar, spelling or anything in between. Spell check is very helpful but it still doesn’t help me with the correct writing process. I will be honest here and tell you I wasn’t very good with English and spelling in school and in college I had to take general English or whatever classes and I damn near flunked out. I think they passed me just to get me the hell out of their classroom because I was so sad. I hated writing and anything to do with it. Now that I am older and don’t really care what people think I love to write and tell my story in my own way. I get a giggle when people ask me if I really meant to spell things the way I do or if I meant to write the wrong word. Yes, yes I meant it because I don’t know no better, if you don’t like it don’t read it! How’s that for a philosophy?

Ok now for my real process, my goal this year was to write a blog post each day for the whole year. So far I have stuck with that goal and some day’s I am lucky enough to post two if I didn’t want to combine blog hops. I  mostly do blog hops as it gives me a structure to follow. I have a blogging calendar on google calendar that lists all the blog hops as well as different animal events throughout the whole year that I can blog about and tie into a blog hop if I so wish. I love taking pictures, mostly of my Chesapeakes so I take a bunch, edit them and then tie them into a blog hop. As long as I have my Chessies I will have inspiration.

So that’s #mywritingprocesstour in a nutshell.


I would like to invite you all to check out my pal Lisa along with Scout, Teddy, Ash and her grandson Diesel from Dogs N Pawz. I’m passing this tour on to yet another Chessie person as Ash is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who has done a tremendous job at losing weight. Lisa also started her own blog hop Tuesday’s Tails which is a hop for any animal that needs a furever home. If you know of a animal that needs to find a furever home join Lisa and her co-host Sue from Talking Dogs each Tuesday of the month. They also have a Tuesday’s Tails facebook page to help get the word out on animals needing furever homes. Lisa just recently started a new website called  The Daily Coffee Bean. The Daily Coffee Bean is a website that reviews the different coffee makers on the market today. Visit her site if you are looking for a new coffee maker.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my tour as much as I have enjoyed reading all of yours.

11 thoughts on “#mywritingprocesstour

  1. A great post 🙂 and we love your posts…we love to see the pups learning and training and the day to days of what you do 🙂 and the scenery is also pretty amazing! hugs Fozziemum


  2. Aww brilliant! I loved reading this!… Yep, time is always something lacking isn’t it? That calendar you have sounds fabby! Your like me in that a structure helps!
    Bah. I like your philosophy on the writing process very much! I have never read anything you’ve written and questioned it. I never will!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x


  3. I’m so glad you were able to join after all! I think the content is far more important than the spelling and grammar, and I was an English major in college. Your love and dedication to your dogs shows through, and that’s more important. I’m glad you are able to find the time to do it….we all know just how difficult that can be, and most of us aren’t busy training hunting dogs on top of everything else. 🙂


  4. I love your blog and have enjoyed watching and learning about your dogs! I feel like you are a good friend and I don’t even know you! Thank you for asking me to join and thank you for mentioning The Daily Coffee Bean! Happy Black and White Sunday!


  5. Loved reading about your process and I really like the idea of putting all the blog hops on a calendar. I am forever reading blogs and thinking, “Oh, I wish I had done that hop.” I’m going to steal your idea. But if I tell you I’m stealing it, is that still stealing. 🙂 So happy to be following your blog!


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