Monday Mischief~Glory’s Second Litter

Last week Glory had her second litter…..her second false pregnancy rubber ducky litter. It was a litter of one and Glory is a good momma and is taking care of her little rubber ducky.

Look mom I had a baby.

Glory making a nest for her baby.

Covering up her baby.

This was the first day of her false pregnancy. She wanted to make a nest and hide the baby. Here is a video of her making a nest.

Glory had to take her baby training.

Can I bring my baby out?

Can’t leave the baby behind.

This duck hasn’t been around since the last time Glory was in heat. They really don’t play with toys much. The day she started her false pregnancy she went to the toy box, dug around and pulled out the duck. This happens to be the same duck Nellie thought was her baby when she had false pregnancy’s. Now that Glory is carrying this duck around Gambler thinks he should have it too so he is constantly trying to get it from her.

Give me your baby.

I want your baby!

I got the baby.

I’m just babysitting…really….I am!

Gambler “babysitting” the ducky.

No worries, I got my baby back.

Hopefully this false pregnancy won’t last that long and the gang can get back to normal.

monday mischief

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23 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Glory’s Second Litter

  1. Gambler reminds me a little of The Babysitter-movie with Alicia Silverstone :o) How do you handle the situation when Glory is in heat with the G-man around? I remember the false pregnancy of the Foxterrier of my parents, she ripped the wallpapers off to build her nest :o(


  2. She’ll be a great mom someday, meanwhile lol I just love your posts. You and your furkids always make me smile! Happy Monday!


  3. Oh goodness! I have never witnessed a false pregnancy before… I think my heart would burst! It WAS until Gamblers kidnapping video, so funny! Cheeky little monkey!!
    Ahh such a gorgeous post!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups. x


  4. We were a bit confused to hear she had a litter, but then we “got it”! Good one. One of our best buddies in Germany had false pregnancies and it drove her mom nuts. Thankfully I never had one the couple years I was not spayed. It is cute for a bit, but then gets on the nerves.


  5. She’s so sweet!! I’ve never had an unsprayed female so didn’t realize that false pregnancies happened. She’s so cute making that nest, and carrying the duck around.
    Typical brother trying to steal it…..!


  6. Sigh… my Lucy used to have false pregnancies and most involved many “puppies.” She wore herself out making many trips to gather them together… only to then decide to take them all into a different room.


  7. Storm always had false pregnancies. I don’t miss those. Eventually I had to hide any toys and take up all soft bedding. A couple of times I had to fast her to dry up her milk! I guess since Glory passed her test she is a very focused mother…lol.


  8. That is the most bizarre thing that I’ve ever seen. We have only had one female and she never had a false pregnancy. Glory getting her baby duck is too sweet, but Gambler sucks as a babysitter! Hahaha!!


  9. This might be a really dumb question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. How do you keep Gman away from Glory when she is in heat? I would think that would be challenging to say the least.

    Delilah had one heat, but Sampson had been neutered so it wasn’t really an issue.


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