Nothing But Norman #54

Happy Saturday All!

First off I have to start by saying sometimes I am a dumbass and it takes me awhile to catch on to things and I have no problem pointing out that I am a dumbass because the truth is the truth. Thanks to The Pet Parade announcing today is their 50th post I realized after they said they will be having a 1 yr anniversary celebration in two weeks so they weren’t doing anything for their 50th post. Then it hit……I did a 50th post celebration as I thought that was a big mile stone, and in doing so I completely blitzed Nothing But Norman’s 1 year Anniversary which is a even bigger mile stone. Luckily I did give away a paracord collar so we did technically have a celebration.

I started Nothing But Norman 2 weeks and one year ago after Norman was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. I wanted a way to follow his journey and to make a day just his. With the help of my friend Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog who came up with the name of my Saturday posts Nothing But Norman was born and now that he is gone I can share his pictures and stories and keep him alive in my heart and memories. I haven’t been blogging very long….ok I think 2 years with 1.5 years a lot but he still didn’t get the limelight he so richly deserves. So here’s to you Norman Happy Belated 1 year of your stories!


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A couple weeks ago I posted up some flying pictures of Norman, you can see them here.

Those were from back in the day when I was a counselor at Dog Camp. It was a camp for you and your dog. I took Norman in 2007. I didn’t know how he would be with all the other dogs around because he was still intact and didn’t have much contact with other dogs. He did fabulous. On our down time we did pier jumping hence the flying pictures. We took a massage class which he loved and we got our picture taken together which I will cherish forever. I love the beach ones and have one enlarged to a 8×10 sitting in my bed room. Here are the originals in color and in Sepia for Sepia Saturday with Ruckus The Eskie. One of my bosses at the vet clinic was the owner of Dog Camp, she no longer does it so we don’t get to go with the new generation 😦

Enjoy the photos!


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We are also joining in on The Pet Parade, go ahead and join them also. Today marks their 50th post and in two weeks they will be having a 1 year Anniversary celebration so be sure to check that out.


11 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #54

  1. Congratulations on over one year of Nothing But Norman posts! It was a great idea to give him his own special posts, and now is the perfect way to honor his memory now that he’s gone. The photos of the two of you are so special, what great memories to have.
    Dog Camp sure sounded like fun, it’s too bad she doesn’t do it anymore.


  2. Those are beautiful photos. The love you shared is obvious on both of your faces. Congratulations on a bittersweet anniversary. Norman was a very special dog, an absolute perfect example of a Chesapeake, and from his expression, he realized it. I love sharing your memories of him. ♥♥


  3. Your tributes to Norman are so wonderful. Mom doesn’t want to think about losing any of us, she is still not over Trine who passed almost eleven years ago, but I think there will be some tributes when something happens in our home too. Hopefully that won’t be for a very long time.


  4. I have never heard of a dog camp before. That sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to bond with your dog. Your tributes to Norman are beautiful.


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