Blinds With Decoys And Hay Bales

Gambler and Glory’s downfall at hunt tests have been blinds. So we have been trying to run more blinds to have them become better at them. Gamblers downfall with blinds is that the mark is thrown one way and the blind is run under the arc of the mark so there is so much scent out there on the way to the blind. He gets hung up in the scent and will hunt on his own by the thrown bird station and then will ignore the handler. So we set up blinds with ducks sitting in a pen behind a hay bale on the way out to the blind, we also put out decoys on each side of the blind line to have distractions out there. This is more advance training then Glory will see in her Senior level test but one day she will be running these blinds so why not start training now?

Glory in a whistle sit.

Right hand back.

Whistle sit.

Left hand back.

Almost there.

Got it!

Heading back.

Here I am!

Gambler taking off.

Full steam ahead.

Got to the blind in record time.

Heading back.

Lining up to go again.

We continue to train as much as we can. We are getting ready for a up coming test with Glory this coming weekend. She will be running in a AKC Senior test. Gambler has off until the following weekend where he will be running in a UKC Finished test.

12 thoughts on “Blinds With Decoys And Hay Bales

  1. Let me guess, they both were perfect….lol. Love the way you set that up. You got wonderful pictures. I bet that was valuable training. Hopefully they remember when they get to the test. 😉 Best of luck to Glory this weekend. One of our gang have to bring home a ribbon one of these days. 🙂


  2. Good luck on the tests. Practicing is fun too, especially for us dogs. Bailie is the only one with an outstanding test at the moment. We’ll see if she tries the CGC again this weekend or not.


  3. You know one thing I would bet Earl would love to do?? Jump on a hay bale and pose on it for a beautiful photo.

    But mainly good luck on your tests Glory – I bet you can do it you know! We have faith in you 😀

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl’s World!


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