Monday Mischief~Solvit Bag Takes A Lickin Cuz Of The Jones Chews

Solvit Bag Takes A Lickin Cuz Of The Jones Chews

Mischief???? Not me?????

As you may know I work out of town on Monday and Tuesdays. I come home Tuesday nights and Wednesdays are one of my day’s off. Now after the gang has been kenneled for 2 days while we’re away working by Wednesday Gambler is wound tight (as most of my mischief stuff happens on Wednesday’s) he also knows Wednesday’s are for hunt test training. I was having one of those mornings…..when I had so much going on in my head I forgot what I was doing and once again  the mischief happened.

I didn’t leave my Solvit bag here.

I was packing up my stuff to go train, talking on the phone walked out the house with all my bags (all four of them) when I realized I needed to go back in the house and draw a picture of last weekend test so I can so the training group. I set my 4 bags down on the high porch chairs and table that are on my deck and went back inside to draw the picture. I was still talking on the phone, drawing the picture and headed back outside. I walked across the lawn and saw……….guess who……..standing over my Solvit bag with stuff pulled out of it! My friend proceeded to listen to me scream at GAMBLER!

Stuff pulled out through the side opening.

The Solvit bag holds dog treats, my video camera, my camera and it’s extra lens as well as other dog items. The item near the top of my photo is my video camera, the item in the middle is a poop bag the item in the front is my extra camera lens. Everything was covered in cut grass, it was a mess.

What a mess.

Now what might make a dog go stark raving mad and pull this heavy bag off of the table carry it to the middle of the lawn and rip stuff out of it to get to the good stuff…..the good stuff being Jones Natural Chews knee caps! Yup that’s right my gang loves Jones Knee Caps! Gambler loves them so much he thought he should help himself since I was tied up doing 5 things at once.

Jones Natural Chews knee caps are nummy! They make dogs go stark raving mad!

Now I must say, that Solvit bag is built Gambler tough on the outside. I was really cringing when I saw what he did, I thought he wrecked my nice bag. At first inspection it looked like nothing happened to it. I then opened it up and there was one little puncture hole in the lining of the flap and he tore the inside liner a bit. It could of been much worse and those things I can fit. The outside is made of some really rugged material.

The rip in the lining.

Good as new.

I took a broom to the outside of the bag and got all the grass off, I had to get all the grass off my camera and the other stuff that was in the bag. Have a slight repair to do but all in all this is one Gambler tough bag!

Thanks Solvit for making a rugged bag and thank you Jones for making tasty treats.

On a side note….poor Gambler didn’t get a knee cap that day nor has he gotten one yet. And like a dummy the knee caps are still in that bag and the bag is sitting on a chair in the house. Gambler did this all before he was a Canine Good Citizen so now that he passed his test I recon he won’t be getting into anymore mischief…..what do you all think? Should I not hold my breath??????

I’m a Canine Good Citizen now, I don’t do mischief.

monday mischief

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16 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Solvit Bag Takes A Lickin Cuz Of The Jones Chews

  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you! BOL Good thing that bag is so sturdy and, in a way, can hardly blame the boy for wanting one of those kneecaps 😉


  2. as you said, it was before he became a CGC…. so maybe it counts as “time barred”? Easy likes to clear out bags too… the tears I cried for this “hobby” would fill a pool :o) I wish dogs could maneuvre zippers and hadn’t to use their teeth :o)


  3. Great Dawg, Gambler! You could’ve killed the Solvit bag and the camera! Thank dog that Solvit makes some sturdy products. Now that you have your CGC you should probably TRY to behave a little bit better. BOL BOL I’ll hold my breath for it….


  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I wouldn’t hold your breath. Jones are pretty powerful chews! I’m glad that Solvit bag is so tough! That’s PAWSOME!


  5. Oh dear! Barley forgets all of her Canine Good Citizen manners if I leave a bag with treats in her reach and turn my back, so don’t hold your breath 😉 Last weekend, I got her treat pouch ready for our walk, set it on the counter, and then went to the bathroom. I thought she’d be good since my sister was in the dining room, but she sneakily took the pouch off the counter and plopped down right beside my sister and started chowing down!


  6. Thank you for the enlightenment. Now we know why Bailie failed her CGC – she still has mischief in mind! That would be a totally Bailie thing to do, a real opportunist! At least nothing was destroyed.


  7. Haha ohhh no I wouldn’t hold your breath, he’ll see it as a challenge! What a little tyke! Some things are just too tempting, but pups… Noooo not cameras and bags, please!! So relived for you that nothing was irreparably damaged! This is definitely a winning Monday Mischief story!
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x


  8. lol I always get a laugh AFTER the fact when Booth does things like that. We need to realize these furkids of ours are very intelligent, they think, they plan what to us are very naughty deeds to get what they want. So, I would say hahaha don’t hold your breath, Gambler will have another deed planned before you know it, and mom, well she’ll laugh after the fact. Love your post!!


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