Thursday Barks And Bytes~Beaks And Toes

The Barks:

Last week I went to Sandy’s house early to run blinds with G & G. After we were done we still had some time to kill before training started so I threw some fun bumpers. The sun was just right so when the dogs were swimming in I could see their legs paddling and thought I needed to get a picture of their feet under the water. Since I was aiming for their feet I got some nose pictures. Here are some of the pictures…..Beaks And Toes

The Bytes:

Questions & Answers:

SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy) Asked in reference to Monday Mischief~Fallen Closet :

Loved the video….what happened in the end? Did he find it? You made three shots and he retrieved three birds, so what was the last one? Just an extra he was supposed to find at your direction?

Gambler had to retrieve 3 marks that he saw go down. He jumped in the water three times and went in different directions to go get the marks. The forth time he jumped in the water and when you hear whistle blows he is swimming towards his “blind” which happens to be next to the first bird he went and picked up. Before he dashes into the cat tails he is sitting and you can see a little orange ribbon to the left behind him and that is where the “blind” is. He took a wrong cast and got behind the cat tails and then starting hunting on his own and stopped listening to my whistle. 

easyweimaraner Asked:

Hope the mosquitos were not at home that time :o) btw: who has to remove the ducks in the water after the end of the test?

The mosquitos were not out this day, thank gosh. But we did learn this past weekend if you want to keep gnats away just wear vanilla. Vanilla body spray isn’t as sticky as pure cooking vanilla but hey when your in a bind and Walmart is sold out of the body spray you go for the cooking stuff. As for the ducks if a dog doesn’t pick up a duck and it is in a area that the person can’t reach without getting wet they get a “pick up dog” to go get the duck otherwise they have a canoe. The ducks in the water were decoys so they grab them also at the end of the test. 

Other news:

Thank you so much Hawk over at Browndog CBR for giving the Sand Spring gang his Shine On Award. We needed this, because some days we just don’t feel like shinning on but now we can look at this great award and Shine On!


Most awards come  with rules!…


1.) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. Thank you Hawk!


2.) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back. Done


3.) Share 7 random things about yourself… ok here goes.

1. I am claustrophobicwhen we would go elk hunting in the mountains and I had to sleep in my mummy sleeping bag after a couple of nights I would freak out because such a close space. 

2. I don’t much like the dark when outside either. When getting up early to go out deer hunting I would wait by the edge of the woods before going in because I don’t like the noises and the boogie man.

3. I can’t stand driving. I would rather ride and read, paracord, be on computer instead of driving.

4. Even know I am a Vet Tech I used to work at a butcher shop and at at taxidermist shop.

5. I’m thinking about chopping my hair right off. I used to have really short hair and thinking about doing that again.

6. For once we don’t have a hunt test this weekend so not such what we are going to do with all our time, we don’t have extra time ever so this is gonna be a hard one….oh that’s right finish building the pheasant pen we started.

7. My favorite soap opera is Days Of Our Lives and have been watching it since I was a wee little girl. 


4.) Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On award, provide a link to their blog in your post, and notify them on their blog. Being a rebel here again, go ahead and grab this Award and Shine On if you haven’t gotten it already.



The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes~Beaks And Toes

  1. Those were some really cool shots!! I love watching Delilah swim. She spreads her toes out super wide, sometimes all you can hear is thunk, thunk, thunk. She’s not always a graceful swimmer.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop and congratulations on the shine on award!


  2. How nice the water is so clear. This time of year the algae starts clogging the water, and sadly, the swimming lessens.The river stays clear but the lake so close to our house is a no go!


  3. the last bumper-pictures is great, the tail looks like the pericope of a submarine :o) I wouldn’t do #5, I know it’s annoying in summer, but I like your hair :o) thanks for the tip with the vanills. Works anything what has vanilla inside?


  4. Congrats on your award and your unexpected free time. It didn’t take you long to fill up that time though…LOL. I don’t like the dark or driving either! You’ll never catch me out walking the dogs after dark, and if I travel with the girls, my sister almost always drives, with my hubby…he always drives.
    I love the photos….beaks and toes! I love it when I take photos of Sheba swimming and can see her paws in the water. Happy to see MK make an appearance too of course!


  5. Vanilla body spray repels gnats? Really? We need that for the cabin! The pictures are just fabulous. The water is so clear. Have a great weekend off! Freighter has one senior test this weekend and hell if I know whether he will be steady. He losses his mind when you get out the ducks. Well you saw that!


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