Monday Mischief~Fallen Closet

The evening of the fourth of July I was laying in bed with the three dogs, I had the TV on listening to the fireworks going on in the near by towns. All of a sudden I heard the big bang and the dogs started barking so I told them to be quite as it was the ending of the fireworks. I shut the tv off and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and saw my closet doors open and clothes falling out of them and wondered what the what the!

The closets fallen and it can’t get up.

I just stood there and wondered when the heck this fell and how I missed it……duh!!!!

I took the clothes out so we could fix the bar and hang the clothes up. We didn’t get this project finished in one day so this is what I woke up to the next day.

Hi mom, this is cozy.

Gman thought since MK was laying on the clothes it was a good place for him.

The broken mischief this time was not caused by the dogs. They tried to alert me that the sky was falling and I just ignored them.

For those of you who have nine minutes to spare and what to see me handing Gman in his first HRC Finished test you can view it below. He did great up until the last couple of minutes when he made it across the pond up on land I gave him a cast and he took a cast and went behind the cattails, it was all over then. He stuck around the old fall and blew me off big time. Lots of mischief going on there.

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Fallen Closet

  1. I planned to clean out my closet since I saw your picture on FB. Sadly by now my weaker self was not able to start that work :o( Probably the weaker self will wait till it will fall down too :o) It was interesting to watch the video, specially the island where you were waiting for Gambler. Hope the mosquitos were not at home that time :o) btw: who has to remove the ducks in the water after the end of the test?


  2. Now how the heck did that happen? Do you have ghosts in your closet or something? I love how MK just made herself comfortable on the pile of clean clothes. And dog forbid my buddy Gman doesn’t get right into that mischief. BOL Great video of you and Gman…I love watching how you handle a retriever for a hunt. Too cool!


  3. Oh, we had a similar thing happen in the middle of the night the other day. Rita started barking like crazy, woke us up to sound the alarm, and we had no idea what was going on. Finally realized a day or two later that some of our xmas decorations slid off the top shelf of the pantry where we store them. She was the only one who heard them crash to the floor! As for Gman… hee hee. Too funny. He’s having a GOOD time in those cattails!


  4. It looks like everyone but you was enjoying the falling closet! Soth loves to nap in my closet, too. Luckily, there’s not space in it for Barley or I’m sure she’d try napping there, too, and I’d have to find somewhere new to put my clothes!


  5. Our crew would do the exact same thing if clothes fell to the floor…they would be all over that being the best place to now sleep in the house! The cat Samantha will make a bed out of any piece of clothing left lying around.


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