Training Group Doggies

Every Wednesday I train with a group of people, sometimes it’s two people, sometimes it’s three and sometimes there is a whole lot of people and doggies the training goes all day long. Last Wednesday it was the usual three, Sandy who owns the property and has Chesapeakes, Dick who has Goldens and Dana who comes from a hour and forty minutes away to train with us and her Chesapeakes. I was out in the field throwing marks into the water and had my camera. I took pictures of their dogs running so I am sharing them with you today to see what the Training Group Doggies look like. A bunch of fine looking dogs.

Dana’s boy’s Clay & Waylon

Sandy’s gang Cash, Quill, Avon & Rags

Dick’s boy’s Harv & Gus

Come back Thursday to see the pictures of Gambler and Glory that Dick took while I as running.

16 thoughts on “Training Group Doggies

  1. Great dawg! Those are some good looking retrievers and some great action photos too! Of course, I still prefer to see photos of the SS Gang…just sayin’. BOL Happy Tuesday!


  2. Love the water photos of Avon. Nose work is a singular sport, so we each take our own turn. From what we hear, tracking is where lots of folks get together to practice, so that may start happening with Mom and Bailie the end of the summer. I’m sure training together is not only more fun but helpful.


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