Monday Mischief~A Winner And A Loser

This weekend was UKC HRC hunt test weekend. Gambler was entered in 2 finished tests and Glory was entered in 2 seasoned tests (one test each day).

Glory was the winner as she passed her tests each day. With her pass on Saturday came a title with a name change.

You say I have a new name?

Spill it lady, what’s my new name already!

My new name.

She was smokin this weekend for that she gets a new theme song from her biggest fan Amy.

Now onto the mischievous loser, yes once again it is the Gman who is living up to his name G$. Since I have been training him hard the past couple weeks and I handled him last weekend I thought I would try it again. On Saturday the first series was a water triple, a water blind and a diversion. He was spot on and did everything great. I couldn’t believe it he passed his water blind which is his nemesis I thought the day was looking promising. Second series was a land triple, land blind and a honor. He smoked his land marks and then the dreaded land blind. He got out of the area and wouldn’t take my casts and he was out. Honor on lead please. During the test he also didn’t want to give me his second bird, he stuck his head in the bird bucket numerous times to get the birds out and he knocked over the bucket I had to sit on. When he was doing all this I knew it was all over. So I pulled mutiny and  John ran him on Sunday.

Sunday land was first and he did his triple with no flaws and a diversion, the land blind I thought was good. Moving onto water. The water triple was spot on and then the dreaded water blind again. He had a couple cast refusals so the judges told John to pick him up. He behaved better at the line for John and no funny business until John called him back and he swam half way got to the shore and zoom here comes Gambler running full force towards me. I hear someone say “he’s over here”. Run to momma buddy!

How can you be upset at this cutie? We have a weekend off of tests and back at it the second week of July.

I want to take a moment to tell everyone how much it means to me to have you stop by my blog and leave all your nice comments. I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to your comments as I’m lucky enough to get my blog up, stop by all my friends blogs and say hi (might be a couple day’s late) and spend the rest of my time working and training my gang for their up coming tests. I think this training is another full time job! I read all the comments and they make me smile so THANK YOU!

monday mischief

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20 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~A Winner And A Loser

  1. Congratulations Glory!!! You are a fabulous girl! Gambler, brother… what shall I say… … seems we are really brothers… Butt one day we will make it I’m sure… and this day is soon :o) btw: but if you ask me you should get extra points for the entertainment factor :o)


  2. I’m sure you’re disappointed but really, look at that face and he loves you so much. Besides don’t they say girls mature faster than boys. 🙂

    Hang in there he’ll get there and Congratulations on Miss Glory!! Woot woot!!


  3. Gman and Bailie need to meet up, or maybe not? As you know Bailie failed her ORT last month. This month she took a CGC class. I have not taken any obedience classes since I was a pup in Germany seven years ago, but Mom decided to have both of us take the CGC test last Friday even though I hadn’t had any practice. Well, I did it, no problem at all and now get that title added to my name. Bailie, I have to give her some credit as she really did well, and was solid on 9 of the 10 items but she just couldn’t leave people alone walking through a crowd. She has to keep practicing and will try again in July. We both have an ORT on Wed this week. Mom told Bailie it is time for her to finally pass something, no more almosts. We will see how it goes, but she really doesn’t seem to care about passing or failing. Gman will get it too eventually. Until she finally straightens up, we are trying to just smile and find the humor in it somehow.


  4. Woohooo for Glory!!!! Way to go girl!!! Love the new name too!
    Gman, Gman, Gman, lol you love your mamma a whole ton huh? Aww, you will pass one soon!!!! I have faith in you!
    No worries for being so busy, we understand! I actually sent you an email invite to something, but I had forgot how busy you have been, so please let me know if you can’t take part.
    Have a great day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


  5. Congratulations to Glory! As a reader, Gman’s antics are endearing, but I’m sure it must be frustrating to you. I’m glad you see the humor in them!


  6. Congratulations to Glory girl, on her wonderful new name and her win! Gamble hummmm, still a child in his head, so Mom he will grow up and suddenly~~~show you all the things he has learned and be a STAR 🙂


  7. LOL G man is such a character. The thing I hate about HRC Finished is their self imposed rules like you get x-number of cast refusals and then you are out, even if the rest of your test was stellar. I have seen dogs just hack up marks (like they can’t mark) but line blinds and pass with flying colors. Well most dogs who can’t mark can handle perfectly, but if I was picking a skill, I want a dog who can mark.


  8. Congratulations, Glory, great job, girl! Gambler….yes, who could be mad at that sweet face. He is a character and I can’t help but chuckle at his antics, even though I’m sure it’s frustrating for you at the time!


  9. I’m so proud for Glory! I can say that I knew her when! As for Gman, bless his heart. The fact that you don’t lose patience with him is what will make him a champion. Your dedication is astounding. I try to answer my comments but after visiting everyone, I sometimes just don’t get a chance. I always read and appreciate them too. ♥♥


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