FitDog Friday~Land Water Land

This weeks exercise was Land Water Land Blinds. It’s where you start at one point with the dog and you handle them to a blind way out in the field that they don’t know is there. You do this all with a whistle and hand signals. This blind I did with Gman but did a shorter version with Glory. We worked on many blinds this week because that is what they have been failing on during the hunt tests.

And the Gman is off.

First stretch of water.

Going in.

Big splash.

Running across stretch of land.

Going in second stretch of water.

Big splash.

Third stretch of land a little off to the left.

Getting closer.

Just about got it.

I got it!

Heading back.

Back into the water.

Back up on land.

Back into the water.

Back up on land closer to home base.

Almost home.

Made it home!

When doing blinds there are a lot of stopping, twisting, turning and running so many muscles are being used as well as the mind and they really have to think and react to what you are telling them to do.

The Sand Spring gang will be participating in K9 Kamp again. This time the theme is Backyard Fitness Games.


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17 thoughts on “FitDog Friday~Land Water Land

  1. OMD Miss JoAnn…land, water, land, water, land, bumper and then all the wayback?!? That looks so difficult and yet just look at GMan go! The SS gang is a bunch of super smart doggies, for sure. Have a terrierific weekend!


  2. I can see where that could be a bit tough to do. Practice makes perfect. Bailie and I have another ORT next week, so we are practicing for that. We will see how it goes.


  3. Gotta jump in the water! How the water temp there? This week it been cool here and the lake was in the 50’s. Golden Woofs


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