Monday Mischief~Chapstick Bandit/Counter Surfer

Gman is my boy! He is in love with chapstick as much as his momma does. I have a chapstick addiction and always have to have a chapstick in my pocket and in every room in the house. Each jacket has a chapstick too. The other day I set my purse on the table and went to take a shower, when I got done I saw my purse on the floor and this…….

My favorite EOS chapstick was broke into and eaten. Now Gman has kissable soft lips.

Gman was again full of mischief as he did two things this week again. I also caught him on the kitchen counter eating out of the chicken scrap bucket. It has been forever since he jumped on the counter, there must of been something good in the bucket.

I’m not being bad!

nom nom nom the chickens shouldn’t get this good stuff.

Gman was also being a mischief maker at the two UKC HRC tests he competed at this weekend. He failed each day doing his water blinds. We will try again this next weekend.

Glory on the other hand had a great weekend and she passed again on Sunday. She only needs one more pass for her UKC HRC Seasoned titled. Way to go Glory!

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19 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Chapstick Bandit/Counter Surfer

  1. Next weekend, Glory can be the mischief maker in Sunday after that seasoned pass. G$ needs to focus and get some Finished passes! Go Team Sand Spring! 🙂


  2. Gambler we must be related… my favorite chapstick-flavor is cherry :o) be careful while surfing on the counter and the cook top, you can turn into a hot dog :o) Congrats again to Glory!!! and I cross my paws for the next weekend for you, Gambler. I’m on a show too, maybe we both will drive home while singing Freddie’s champions-song :o)


  3. Congratulations to Glory! She looks very proud sitting there with her ribbons. GMan on the other paw…BOL! We cannot believe he is up on the counter! That is funny. It’s too bad his mischief is carrying over into your hunt tests. I hope he can “get serious” soon because we all know he would take all the ribbons if he just focused!
    Happy Monday, Gang,


  4. Go GMan, you are my hero! I can’t believe he is ON the counter. We only get our front paws up there. As for chapstick, Mom has it in every coat, purse, etc too. A couple years ago she had vanilla ones and I was always after them, and I also wanted to lick her lips whenever she put it on which she was not thinking was a good plan. I’m sure he will settle down and do better this weekend. Sometimes we just need to get some mischief out of the way.


  5. My husband read this before I did and he called me into the study to show me. “Can you believe that GMan gets on their counter?” he exclaimed! Then, he praised Glory for a fabulous weekend! He enjoys you and your dogs as much as I do! Poor Bentley would need a ladder to get onto our counters. It is tough being vertically challenged! ♥ ♥


  6. Congrats, Glory! I can’t believe Gman can jump that high! I wouldn’t expect a big dog like him to get that much air! Goodness… the mischief that waits on the countertops!! Funny about the chapstick!


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