FitDog Friday With The Help Of SlimKitty

Happy 700 post Sand Spring Chesapeakes!!!!!


This week for FitDog Friday we were working on land blinds. That is where you place a duck or a bumper somewhere’s on land and then you line the dog up and use hand signals to guide the dog to the blind. I was doing this with Glory when out of no where’s MK comes running over to join in the fun and exercise.

Hi Glory, whatcha doing?

Your not trying to exercise are you?

Don’t mind me, I will roll to get my exercise.

And roll some more.

Guess it’s time for a run.

I better wait for Glory to come back.

Both Glory and MK got exercise this day. When Glory would take off running toward the blind MK ran after her. When Glory stopped and sat MK stopped and sat. Great workout for Glory and MK.

Glory loves to hang with SlimDoggy and MK loves to hang with SlimKitty so if you haven’t hopped on over to these great sites to help our pets with keeping fit get on over and check them out.

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day. I’m not working today so I didn’t get to take my dogs to work with me. I have taken them to work with me many times in the past as I am a Veterinary Technician and we love animals where I work so the more the merrier. When Glory was a wee little girl she came to work with me quite often to attend daycare. Once she turned 6 months old she couldn’t attend anymore since I didn’t spay her as she is my breeding bitch. The time spent there in her younger months were helped her become the dog she is today. Enjoy your day with your dog!


Please enjoy our FitDog Friday Blog Hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and our co-hosts Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love. Join the Hop or just enjoy the links below – lots of fun fitness tips and advice!

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15 thoughts on “FitDog Friday With The Help Of SlimKitty

  1. Seems MK is the fourth member of your crew… please make a video when she has her first hunting cat contest :o) It’s great if you have the chance to take your dog to work :o) btw: how do you handle it at home when Glory is in heat? I remember the rough time we had with the huskies and the fox terrier of my parents as their dog was in heat ….


  2. My cat loves to get in on the fun of exercising with Barley, too. Usually, when Barley and I are tossing a toy around, Soth will crouch under the dining room table, wait until Barley runs by, and then pounce on her like he’s a lion trying to take down its prey. Barley doesn’t even notice!


  3. Love to see MK getting her exercise along with the dogs. We have a post today at SlimKitty about Samantha who was a little tubby until Luke came to live at the house. He got her some much needed exercise and she is trimming down! So it’s good to have a workout buddy dog, cat, whatever!


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