Scoop That Poop~Dog Events


Have you ever gone to a dog event and stepped in dog poo? I have! It isn’t fun. When you have a big crowd, lot’s of dogs that means lot’s of poop if people aren’t responsible and Scoop That Poop!

The one place I see the non scooping of poop is at the Hunt Test’s I go to. On a test day there are three events going on at the same time at different locations on the clubs grounds. This can mean there are around 200 dogs on the grounds.

The crowd and not even all of them.

The crowd and not even all of them.

Most people let their dogs run off leash and let them poop where ever they want and they don’t pick it up! I think because the event is held in a field or marsh area people think they don’t need to Scoop That Poop.

I keep my dogs on a leash.

I keep my dogs on a leash.

It's very simple to Scoop That Poop.

It’s very simple to Scoop That Poop.

There aren’t garbage cans out in the field where the dogs are competing so that is another reason why I think people don’t Scoop That Poop.

Everyone does have a vehicle of some sorts so why not Scoop That Poop and put it in your vehicle until you can get to a garbage can?

Many poop bags have sat  in my truck.

Many poop bags have sat in my truck.

I have this nifty poop bag holder from The Fifth Paw that will hold the poop bags and keep my hands free to scoop more poop. This might be a third reason why people don’t Scoop That Poop.

photo 2

It will hold multiple poop bags.

photo 4

As you can see I have multiple dogs, multiple bags of poop and my poop bag dispenser hooked to my leash set. Easy as that!

It doesn’t matter where you are poop being left behind is gross and can leave diseases behind for others humans and animals to pick up! So stop giving excuses and Scoop That Poop!



Brought to you by our friends Sugar The Golden Retriever scoopers Oz The Terrier and Pawsitively Pets.

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11 thoughts on “Scoop That Poop~Dog Events

  1. We always scoop that poop! What about if someone spoke to the owners of the property and asked them to supply a few garbage cans? Looks like there is tons of room for a few by the parking lot! Barks and licks and love, Dakota


  2. I have… and it was really no fun… I wore running shoes and I had the stinky goodness on my shoes for 8 whole hours (heaven knows what this dog had for lunch…probably a skunk or a baboon). It makes me angry if people at a dog event ignore the mess of their dogs. Although all people got free poop bags at the entrance and there were 87K garbage cans, the “poop-buster-team” was busy the whole time. I even picked up Easy’s recycled food puzzle what he placed on a rose bush (thanks buddy, now the rose stinks, even when we still call it a rose). Great post, Scoop that Poop!


  3. I can only imagine 200 dogs all with nonscooping humans. That is just yucky. Honestly, the poop is NOT good for the environment so why leave it on or around the field?!? Oh, how I wish everyone would just scopp that poop!


  4. I’m always so amazed (or should I say appalled) by people who let their dogs poop and then just move on. Makes me wish the non-scooping people would step in it. But no . . . it always seems that those of us who scoop the poop manage to step in it. Somehow karma is a little messed up there. 😉 By the way, Easy’s comment cracked me up. 🙂


  5. We attend many outdoor dog events and its terrible how many just don’t pick-up. It’s sad as it gives bad reputation to the event. On the other hand, the event should make it a point for every participant to do their dog owner duty to pick-up. Most of the events do supply poop bags and lots of trash every where. We plan to go to Wisconsin soon (n will let you know). Golden Thanks for joining the hop #ScoopThatPoop. Golden Woofs


  6. It really surprises me that people at events like that don’t pick up after their dogs. You would think they would be stepping in it too, and catch on!


  7. Wow, and marsh lands are the worst places to leave poop laying around because of all the bacteria it adds to the water. Shouldn’t outdoorsy people (like hunters) know and follow Leave No Trace ethics wherever they go?!? I am also shocked how many supposedly in-the-know dog people are actually clueless- I gave out over a dozen poop bags to fellow pet bloggers in Lake Las Vegas (I am sure they all just forgot- some more than once- right?)… and there was still poop everywhere at that hotel. Sad.

    I use my PoopPac to pack poop out when there’s no waste cans or store it in my car odor free!


  8. Hunt tests are notorious for non scooping. The only place I have really seen it required is if a dog goes at the line. :/

    Of course where we test they do not want you to pick it up and put it in bags. They would rather you leave it than bag it and put it in their trash.


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