FitDog Friday~Channel Blinds

This week the Sand Spring gang’s workout was on channel blinds. This is where Gambler had problems during his last the previous Saturday. A channel blind is a piece of water that is long and narrow. The bumpers (blind) is put at one end, it can be put in the middle or off or the right or left side. It is your responsibility to get your dog into the water, and have them swim right down the middle of the water and not get out on either side. Most dogs will want to get out on either side as they see land and they think they can run faster than swim so they try to get out. You handle them with hand signals to keep them in the water and on tract. Both Gambler and Glory did this blind multiple times this week. They also shook the water off after each swim, I think that has to burn some calories as they really get into it and can really shake.


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16 thoughts on “FitDog Friday~Channel Blinds

  1. Like they say, practice makes perfect, right!?! I love the photos…Gman is looking especially handsome. And who doesn’t love a good shake off after being wet. That is the best part!
    I hope the Sand Spring gang has a GREAT weekend!


  2. Great photos! It looks like they had a lot of fun as well as getting a great workout! I think our golden Sheba would want to swim rather than run on land!


  3. That’s really interested how they are suppose to swim down the middle and not get up. Beautiful pictures too. Love Dolly


  4. Those are great pictures. Channel blinds are another thing that we have trouble training. The dogs ran a Seasoned channel blind once where the one side was the side of the pond and the other was these giant water lilies. Those lilies were crazy and sucked them right in!


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