Thursday Barks And Bytes



The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog
The Barks:
Who is this cute little Labrador puppy?
This cute little bug checking out MK is my Grand Niece Mia. My niece Brittany and her boyfriend got their first puppy together. She is turning 8 weeks old on Friday and I got to puppysit for the first time Sunday afternoon. She was a joy to have and she got along well with the Sand Spring gang. MK was a little taken back because Mia had more energy then she did and she chased her a lot. Even know this little girl is not a curly dog we will be helping her owners train her and hopefully when she gets bigger hunt over her.
Mia with her first frozen pigeon at 7 weeks.
For Memorial Day I posted up some pictures of  the American Legion memorial where my dad’s brick in memory is. When I went there on Friday the brick wasn’t in place yet so I took Grandma back on Monday and the brick was in place. Here are the pictures I took that day.
DSC_0655 - Copy (2) DSC_0659 - Copy DSC_0662 DSC_0665 - Copy
That little flag I left behind for my dad. Thank you for your service dad.
Gamblers first AKC MH test.
Last Saturday we took Gambler to his first Master Hunter test. John handled Gambler as I don’t like to get up in front of people and perform plus Gambler acts better when John is running him. Last year when John started running him we had issues with him wanting to bring the birds back to me in the gallery. I thought he was over that but it showed on Saturday that he still loves his momma and wants to bring me the birds. The land triple was first and Gambler did very well retrieving all three marks until he was on the way back from the third mark you can see him do a loop and swing wide to come my way as John blew his whistle and called him in. He then set him up for the blind retrieve and you can see Gambler looking my way and then his mind goes to mush and it was all over then. Here is the video so you can see what he did and didn’t do. Gambler ended up failing on his land blind so thank you for your donation.

We have Gambler entered into another Master Hunter test this coming weekend, so I will be hiding and hopefully he will be listening better.

EXCITING NEWS……………………………..

Just got Glory’s OFA Hip’s and Elbow’s back. She has normal elbows and EXCELLENT hips!

10395848_10152371322904724_6974162725501439554_n 10401526_10152366400489724_8892818997762807667_n

I never imagined that Glory’s hips would come back as a excellent. That is the highest rating that OFA is really particular about giving out. I am super excited to have my first excellent in my Sand Spring lines. Now the wait begins for another 6 months to pass before she can be bred and hopefully have a litter of puppies.

The Bytes:

Outtakes of MK and our photo shoot.

More treats please!

More treats please!

Hey, someone pick this up please.

Hey, someone pick this up please.

I'm outta here!

I’m outta here!

Mia and MK meeting for the first time.

Stop back tomorrow for FitDog Friday and see what the gang has been up to.


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24 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes

  1. Mia is so adorable can’t wait to watch her grow up. Also it is fantastic news that Glory’s score were that good- amazing about the hips.


  2. Thanks so much for joining the hop! The Sans Spring gang sure had a busy week. 🙂 Too bad about the test, but I am sure Gambler will do better this week. 🙂 The memorial is beautiful.


  3. I saw the video of Mia and MK at Fb first, they are too cute together. And she even brought home a “chicken-wing” for lunch , good girl indeed :o) / the small flag you added for your dad, touched my heart, that was a wonderful tribute. / Good luck at the next test Gman, how bad that this one ended that way. My mom agrees with you, she is also not the entertainer-girl who likes to perform in front of people. Butt I’m a mom-guy, so I’m afraid next time she has to bite the bullet :o) / Congrats Glory, such a fabulous rating is very rare and I hope your pups will be as fabulous as you.


  4. Loved the video of Gambler…that is the first time I saw “live action” of a hunt test. How smart those hunting dogs are to remember where the birds fell! Even if he “failed” this one, he still looked magnificent running through the fields. MK and Mia are just too cute together…they are about the same size and are totally cute. Mia sure liked that pigeon. BOL
    Great post today, Sand Spring gang!


  5. OMD it’s a chocolate lab puppy!! GAH!! It so makes me want to know what Delilah was like at that age!! She’s adorbs and so happy with that bird!!

    I did not notice Gambler running to you, it looked to me like he did an amazing job retrieving those birds. (Now you see why I don’t have hunting dogs.)

    Congrats on Glory’s certifications, I saw that on Facebook. Good job!!

    And I love the tribute you did for your dad and so nice of you to take your Grandmother. 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the blog hop~ love having you.


  6. A lovely memorial to your dad. He passed away as a fairly young man. I am sorry. 1994 was the same year my father passed, but he was born in 1920, and 74 seemed way too young!.

    I have the same problem at agility trials as you do hunting. It’s rare when John comes to watch (he thinks it’s a boring game), but when he does, he must watch from far away! I don’t want Jimmy stopping/looking for his favorite person!


  7. Sorry for the loss of your parents at such young ages. A lovely tribute to your dad. I’m sure your grandma appreciated you taking her.

    OMD, the puppy. The puuuuupy!! Soooo cute. Love those outtakes of MK. Too cute. I wish I had excellent hips. (Mine hurts a lot of the time!)


  8. Hi Y’all!

    After Gambler gave his bird to hubby I could see him looking at you and sayin’ “did you see me mom, did you see me!? “.

    You’re just going to have to “get over it” and “buck up” and get out there and handle that boy yourself! We Chessies are one person dogs and you know that, so it’s time to stop punishin’ him.

    Don’t tell me…puppy is a Lab??? NOooooooooooo!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  9. I’m sure it’s frustrating at the time, but it’s so sweet that Gambler wants to show off to you!
    That is such great news about Glory…we’ll look forward to seeing more cute puppies like that adorable little Mia!


  10. What a wonderful memorial brick for your Father … very nice. The puppy is so adorable … I’m jealous of your puppy breath time with a send home. Do not get upset about Gambler, I’m sure he will do better this week. He is just showing off for his Momma!


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